Tuesday, 21 February 2012

What a Boar..

Just a quick one here, but something my friend thinks I should post about.. because she tried out my brush at the weekend and is in hair heaven!

So this is the brush that I use all day everyday and it is amazing!  Boar hair is the way forward!!
This brush neverrrrr pulls on your hair and I have really knotty unruly frizzy hair!  It stops my hair from frizzing up when I blow dry it (which is every morning!) and actually dries it rather straight as well as making it super shiny

I've always been told to buy Denman brushes so I was wary of trying something new but I now only own 2 brushes and both are boar hair!
I got this one from the Boots Botanics for around £12 but I know you can get them from loads of different shops as well as online and EBay

Give this brush a try.. you honestly won't be disappointed!
L xx

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