Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Nail Sm'art'ies!

Dripping polish is one of the easiest nail designs to do!  All you need is 2 contrasting colour polishes and a dotting tool!

For my base colour I used my Leighton Denny "Sunday Girl" polish - not forgetting to use OPI clear base first!
For the black "drips" I used YSL's "Duo Terriblement Noir" - this is a nail duo that comprises classic black nail polish in 2 variations, Matte and Glossy (piccie below).  These were a birthday present and I am yet to try out the 2 together but I have used them seperately and they are both brilliant black polishes!

So back to the drips... I got my largest dotting tool and dipped it in my glossy black polish and basically dotted it on in drip like shapes!
As the drips can get quite thick you have to make sure this is super dry before you finish with your top coat
As always Seche Vite is the best top coat for this design as it will help dry your polish underneath
I also think this look would look awesome with brown polish but at the time I didnt have one that was thick enough to look really chocolatey!!  Maybe I will try that next time!
L xx
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