Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Spots & Dots!

You can't really go wrong with spots & dots can you!!?
My bf was watching a really boring cheese-on-toast film last night so I created these in the dark out of boredom!

For the base colour I used Essie in "Princess Pink".  Now a lot of people rave about Essie nail polishes but I just can't get on with them?!  The colours are def brilliant as they do practically every shade you could think of but the consitency of the polish is pants!  I find I have 2 do about 4 thin coats to get it looking half decent/opaque and that is just not practical for me!

For the spots and dots I used my dotting tool in different sizes and the following colours..
Leighton Denny "Ruby Red"
China Glaze "Flip Flop Fantasy"
Orly "Fancy Fuschia"
OPI "Strawberry Margarita "

I finished this as usual with a coat of Seche Vite - which I am running out of and I must purchase a new one!!!

I hope you like this look its so easy and you should definately give it a go!!
L xx

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Monday, 27 February 2012

First time Roses

This is my first attempt at nail art roses and I am reallyyyy pleased with how they have turned out!!

I used a tutorial from an amazing blog I read called Copy That Copy Cat ,  you can view the tutorial here

For my base colour I used my China Glaze "For Audrey" over an OPI clear base coat.  I used 2 coats for this look and it was opaque and lovely!
For the roses I used my Leighton Denny "Ruby Red" and a Natural Collection cheapy White polish.  If you watch the video you will see how this is done and actually how easy peasy it is!!
For the leaves I used my OPI Matte Gargantuan Green Grape, and then I finished the look as usual with 2 coats of Seche Vite Top Coat

Thanks Linda for the brilliant tutorial!
L xx
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Saturday, 25 February 2012

Kiss Me Konad!

I cannot explain to you the anger I experienced whilst completing this manicure!!!  Simply because this stuff just would not dry!!  I smudged it a ton of times before I finally managed to get it to dry!
But.. Loving the final look!

For the base colour I used my Rimmel Fruities in "Lemon Drop" (which is impossible to dry unless you use really thin coats so go easy on your application) in the end I used 3 thin coats to get an opaque finish

For the "Kiss Me" stencil I used my Konad image plate in M51 first with the konad special polish in white and then over the top with my Orly polish in "Fancy Fushia".  This polish is lush and I received a mini version in a Glossybox a few months back.. I will definately be re-purchasing this one when it has run out.  Its a really bright pink and now I have found out it also works with Konad its a win win situation!! I then used my top shop gold polish to do a couple of little hearts to sparkle it up!

I hope you like my Kiss Me nails!!
L xx
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Friday, 24 February 2012

Princess Pink!

This is s design I did on my nails a while ago when I was just starting out with the nail art!
I would describe this as a kind of Princess design as its pink and gold and pretty!  I was messing about with  polish really in boredom one eve and this is how they turned out and I actually really like them!!

For the pink I used my usual Leighton Denny in "Sunday Girl" - which is running out and I will shed a small tear when it does!!
For the half moons I used my Barry M Gold Foil Effects which is superrrr shiny!
For the little white "crown" like effect I tried to create, I used my Wet n Wild White with my dotting tool!

Overall a really easy and fun design!
Hope you liked it?!
L xx
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Thursday, 23 February 2012

J'adore Dior

Look what I have just received via the post!!!!!
J'ADORE this Dior lipgloss!  I got the "Pretty Rose" shade as I don't like to wear a strong colour on my lips.. just a hint of colour and a lot of gloss!! Ala Kim Kardashian style!!!

L xx
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The undecided nail..

Who doesn't love a multi coloured manicure!!
My fave polishes are usually either pinks or pastels so I decided to use my fave pinks and pastels for this look

On my thumb I used China Glaze "Pool Party", which isn't pastel but is a beautiful bright pink that actually has come out a really odd colour on my camera!  It is much more pink and defo not so red as the pic suggests and application is smooth and lovely

On my index finger I used my China Glaze "For Audrey".. need I say anymore about this polish.  Its hot.

For my middle finger I used my Leighton Denny "Sunday Girl".  Another firm favourite that I am constantly using!

For my ring finger I used Rimmel's I Love Fruities Scented polish in "Lemon Drop".  I have actually never used this polish and I don't know why as it is a reallyyyy nice colour!  I assumed being a very light yellow it would wash my fair skin out but it actually made it look a little more bronzed!  Lush colour (doesn't really have the scent of lemon though.. :-S)

Lastly... for my little pinkie I used Topshop nail polish in "Naked".  I have a love/hate relationship with this colour.. I want to love it on its own but I kind of can't!  It makes my skin looks super white - YUCK!!
But with other colours I think I love it and I am also planning a Burberry nail art soon and I think this would be perfect for the base

Hope you like my undecided nails!
L xx

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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

What a Boar..

Just a quick one here, but something my friend thinks I should post about.. because she tried out my brush at the weekend and is in hair heaven!

So this is the brush that I use all day everyday and it is amazing!  Boar hair is the way forward!!
This brush neverrrrr pulls on your hair and I have really knotty unruly frizzy hair!  It stops my hair from frizzing up when I blow dry it (which is every morning!) and actually dries it rather straight as well as making it super shiny

I've always been told to buy Denman brushes so I was wary of trying something new but I now only own 2 brushes and both are boar hair!
I got this one from the Boots Botanics for around £12 but I know you can get them from loads of different shops as well as online and EBay

Give this brush a try.. you honestly won't be disappointed!
L xx

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Probably the best weekend for buying nail polish.. ever.
I took a trip to London to visit my beautiful friend Natalie and we visited the new Westfield in Stratford for a spot of shopping!
Right at the end of the day we came across a little Kiko cosmetics shop.. and i bought 4 new polishes!

My absolute fave is number 336 in Bright Blue in the pic above.. it is dreamy!!
Not only is the colour bright and vibrant but the application of this stuff is brilliant!  I used 2 coats over an OPI clear base, and then 1 coat of Seche Vite to finish and they looked fab.  I would say this isn't the fastest drying polish I have used but a coat of Seche Vite sorted that out

One of the other polishes I bought was number 2 Sparkle Touch.. which was a beautiful glitter polish.  Now I am not a hugeee glitter polish fan.. I don't know what it is I just don't enjoy the look of them on my hands.  But, this beauty I just couldn't resist, the glitter looked sort of like fish scales and kind of pinky princessy tones.. basically I had to have it!

So because I can't seem to just paint my nails 1 colour I used the glitter polish over my lovely blue nails..

This was super difficult to photograph as glitter usually is and I don't have an amazing camera or anything but it honestly looked SO good!  They were soooo sparkly and I loooove both of these polishes :)
Get yourself to a Kiko store immediately people!!
L xx
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Friday, 17 February 2012

Yet another BeautyBox..

I feel 1 Beauty Box a month isn’t enough.. so I also subscribe to another from Feel Unique!  I think this is a less well known box but my latest box has actually out done every single GlossyBox I have received!!!  The packaging is totally different for both boxes and I think I probably prefer the GlossyBox packaging as you can re-use the boxes (even though my bf absolutely forbids this and I drive him crazy with my endless shiny pink boxes cluttering up the entire bedroom)
In my February FU Beauty Box I received…
·         Leighton Denny High Performance Colour nail polish in “I Love Juicy” (mini size)
·         Philip Kingsley Elasticizer (mini size)
·         NUXE Huile Prodigieuse Multi-Usage Dry Oil (mini size)
·         Decleor Phytopeel Face Peel Cream (mini size)
·         Elemis Lime and Ginger Hand and Body Wash (full size)
·         Jean Paul Gaultier Kokorico EDT (mini mini size)

What did I think of the Leighton Denny nail polish??
Of course my favourite thing to receive in a beauty box is nail polish.  No question about it, it’s my fave!  The “I Love Juicy” shade that I received is totally up my street.. its bright and summery and bold and it was love @ first sight!
I have used this once so far and everything about this polish is perfect.  The colour is really pigmented and bright and glides on the nail perfectly.  I used a clear base making sure it was really covering my nails as red is a nightmare stainer!
I used 2 coats with this and my Seche Vite top coat and I was good to go!
One word for this.. LOVE.

What did I think of the Philip Kingsley Elasticizer??
I have actually received this in my GlossyBox a few months back but I was so pleased to get this again as it really is a miracle worker on dry and damaged hair.  This is described as a pre-shampoo treatment which I find odd as why would you put so much product on your hair and then wash it and then condition it all in one go.. alarm bells are ringing product build up!!
But trust in this product as it really does work and makes your hair feel amazing!!  It feels like your hair has had a really good clean and also improves the look of the dry and split ends.  I am one of these people who uses stupid amounts of conditioner on the ends of my hair in hope it will banish those dry ends but in fact probably makes then 100 times worse!  So I will def save on conditioner with this baby!
This retails @ approx £22.. which seems steep.. but used once a month this stuff would really last you a long time which I think makes this a great investment!

What did I think of the NUXE Dry Oil??
So this stuff does everything!  You can use it on your body, face, hair, hands, wet or dry and it claims so make it all super soft and nourished.  Unfortunately as the sample is pretty small I don’t think I will get to try this out on all of those things but I did give this a go on my legs after a bubble bath and this really did make them feel extra soft!  This also smells pretty yummy!
Now I love oily products on my body.  I think it gives your skin a really nice holidayish, summery sheen BUT how the hell do you not get oil everywhere!!!!  I tend to have late baths so when I’m out I would love to slather oils all over me but they go all over the bed/floor/towel!!  I guess this is something I will have to live with if I wish to have holiday skin??!
I must say though for an oil this one is a good dry oil.. it sank in pretty quickly and I didn’t have to wait long before I could get in bed and be “non-slip”
This oil is a whopping £17.. so I am still a little undecided whether to go for full size or not.. being such a multitasker of a product it could be worth it.. hmm we’ll see!
I will be reviewing the rest of my FU beauty box soon when I have had a chance to try out the remaining products!
Thanks for reading
L xx

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Thursday, 16 February 2012

Gothic Girl!

Black polish never fails to look good!  On any skin tone!  For this slightly Gothic look I used my YSL Terriblement Noir (the shiny one!)  which is the lushest blackest black ever! I used 2 clear OPI coats under this polish as I worry with black polishes that they will stain my nails forever!
For my pinky finger I used a nail wrap I found on Ebay..  not going to lie this was not a great quality nail wrap and as you can see from the piccie it isn't particularly neat!  I am also not an expert with nail wraps yet so this is something I am looking to practise so maybe with time these crappy EBay wraps will actually look rather good!
I finished my nails as usual with Seche Vite x 2 coats for extra strength and shine!
L xx

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GlossyBox Review.. Pt 2!

What did I think of Hybrids Skin Perfecting Primer??
I don't use primers in my day to day skincare, makeup regime.  I always see primer as an unnecessary step as I see moisturiser as my primer, doing exactly the same job.  I also tend to mix a little of "Girl Meets Pearl" by benefit with my moisturiser if I am looking for that dewy look.  But all that said.. I was quite impressed with this little bottle of dewiness!  It is quite a thin tinted liquid that you are instructed to put on after you have moisturised and before you apply your foundation.  I actually think this made my foundation last longer but also did give me that dewy look that women strive for.  I have quite dry skin so I don't worry too much about shine, but I think if you have shiny/oily skin this would be a grease overload for your skin
Overall a great product to try out and I am actually considering buying the full size

What did I think of  the FAB Gentle Body Wash??
So the bottle says this is a moisturising, irritant-free everyday cleanser ideal for even the most sensitive skin
My skin is quite sensitive and gets dried out easily by body washes.. so this one was a good one for me to try out!
I must say this stuff really lathered well and my skin felt really soft after using it for a few days in my morning shower.. I did still have to moisturise but if I was in a big rush I could have got away with skipping this!
The only negative I have on this body wash is that it literally smells of NOTHING!  I know I know, its for sensitive skin bla bla bla but a little natural flavouring wouldn't go a miss!!

What did I think of the Weleda One Step Cleanser & Tone??
The sample of this was pretty teeny... but I really liked this product!
This cleanser & toner duo contains Iris Root extract and Witch Hazel to help the skin to regulate its optimal balance between moisture and oil, as well as acting as a gentle astringent on the skin (that was so not on the packaging.. lol)
I really think this improved the appearance of my skin in the few days I used it and it made it feel really clean and fresh
Also this RRPs @ just under £10 which I think is really good for a decent cleanser with the added toner
Thumbs up Glossy
My next GlossyBox is out for dispatch tomorrow... eek can't wait!!  My friend has recently signed up too so I will get her reviews as well as my own for the next box!
L xx
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Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Happy Valentines Lovers!

I am a lover not a fighter.
People who hate on Valentines Day baffle me!!  Who doesn't love an excuse to get presents, eat chocolate and be taken out for dinner?!!

My amazing man bought me a beautiful rose with a little diamante in the middle - in the piccie above!!!  It was delivered to work and I am in love with it! I hope it never dies!!

What did you guys get for V Day?!!
L xx
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Topshop Trinkets

So my wonderful friend had a birthday yesterday and was sad because of a stupid boy (boys suck, girls are better)
So I bought her these fun little pressies from Topshop!  Everyone loves a colourful sock right!?
I LOVE the cow print socks especially, and they are inspiring me for a little cow print nail art I feel...

I love Topshop polishes so can't wait to see her try this lovely pastely purple out!
L xx
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Monday, 13 February 2012

More Leopard Love!

I told you I like to do a lot of leopard!!  Just wanted to show you this design as it is slightly different from my previous leopard nails..

For the base colour I used Barry M Foil Effects in Gold which is really nice (however I would have used my new Topshop gold had I had it when doing this design as it is SO gold and really sparkly and my new firm favourite!!)
Once was really fully dry I got my dotting tool - or you can use a toothpick - and dipped it in my Wet n Wild White polish and sort of sploged it in wobbly lines on each nail.  At first you will be thinking "this looks pants".. but once you have finsihed with the spots on top I promise this really does look amazing!

Again wait for this to dry as rock hard as poss and then add your leopard prints.  I used brown shades for this as I think they really compliment the gold and white..  The light brown is Maybelline Forever Strong in "Rosy Gold" and the darker brown is No7 Speed Dry (which does not speedily dry FYI!) in "Beanie".  Again I outlined the spots with my Models Own Nail Art pen and finished with Seche Vite top coat!
And ggggrrr!  They are done :)
L xx

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Friday, 10 February 2012

Inside the January GlossyBox... Pt 1

So its been a couple of weeks now since I received my January GlossyBox and I have had a chance to try a couple of the products out.. here is a list of everything I received
  • Eyeko skinny eyeliner
  • Hybrids Skin Perfecting Primer - Dewy
  • FAB Gentle Body Wash
  • Orly Nail Polish in Ruby
  • Weleda One Step Cleanser & Toner
  • A GlossyBox Sweet!!
What did I think of Eyeko Skinny Eyeliner??
So firstly this liner is mahussively long.. apparently to give you ease of use when your liner is down to a tiny stub... however I think this is a big downfall as it doesn't even fit in my makeup bag!
I received the liner in Plum which I thought would be a great colour to compliment my blue eyes, however I really did not enjoy using this liner at all!
The colour actually made me look like I had sore eyes!  The liner also dragged and was quite hard to apply evenly and smoothly.  It also smudged during the day which is not a good look!!
So thumbs down to this one Glossy :(

What did I think of the Orly Nail Polish??
Orly nail polish is a close competitor for me to OPI polish.  They come in some really hot shades and look super shiny and expensive!  I'm not a huge fan of very dark nail polish but this Ruby colour is surprisingly nice on the nails!  I've only used it once and didn't get a shot of it so I will do a swatch of this one when I use it next to show you how good it looks on
Thumbs up to this one!

I haven't been using the rest of the products long enough to give them a really good review so I will be doing a part 2 of this review soon!!
L xx
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This stuff should be edible!!!

Just a quick one on the hand cream I am currently using!  You MUST MUST MUST buy some of this stuff!  It smells lush!!  I also like to think it is keeping my hands hydrated and soft.. but the best thing is def the smell!

This hand cream is by the amazing OPI and you can find them in the OPI stores around and Selfridges but the best place to get this is definitely EBay.. I got this one for £4 including postage.  It is only a mini version as you can get large ones with pump dispensers but I much prefer the mini ones as it just gives me an excuse to buy another flavour when it runs out in a few weeks!! 

This one sits on my desk at work and I slather it on about 20 times per day!  I also have the Melon and Coconut flavour at home that my lovely man bought me for Xmas!  It smells equally as beautiful and again it really does keep my hands soft!!

It is really important to keep your hands and nails hydrated.. it really does help nail growth and strength and keeps your skin soft!  I mean who wants dry cracked hands EWWWW not me!!
L xx
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Thursday, 9 February 2012

Leopard Love!!

Leopard nails are my favourite nail art to do!  Mainly because they are so easy peasy and they also look so good!
You can use any colours you like as well so its very versatile!

For this multi-coloured leopard look I started with my OPI clear base and then Wet n Wild "Crystalic" polish in white.  It is important to use a good quality white polish if you are using it as a base colour.. a lot of whites can be either thin and streaky so you end up doing 4 million coats which will never ever properly dry!  Or its thick and pretty gloopy which will never look smooth and will also never properly dry!

Next I added the coloured "splodges"!  I didn't use my dotting tool for these as the end of the nail polish brush is perfect for the shape of the leopard print.  The great thing about leopard is you don't have to have perfect shapes, every spot is different.
For the orange I used Models Own "Orange Sorbet", the blue was Models Own "Feeling Blue", the green was OPI "Matte Gargantuan Green Grape" and the pink was Leighton Denny "Sunday Girl".

Once these were dry (make sure they are really fully dry or the next step will drag your polish!!!!!) I used my Models Own Nail Art Pen in black to out line the spots!  You will want to do each one different, different angles, different shapes.. but aim for lots of C shapes and dots in the middle of random ones.  I also add a few dots in between the leopard spots

Finish with your Seche Vite top coat and you're done!!
L xx 
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Wednesday, 8 February 2012

The Endless Search for Perfect Foundation..

So although my blog has mainly been about nails so far I love all cosmetics and I have been on a constant search for the perfect foundation for years.. and I think I have finally found it!!!

So I have quite fair skin.. a little bit dry.. a little bit sensitive.. and a lot freckly!  I HATE my skin looking white so I am always looking for a foundation that will give me a glow and also give me good coverage for my freckles but also one that I don’t have to cake on to achieve this perfect base!!  Is it possible?!!!!!
I think it is!!

 I have been using Estee Lauder’s Double Wear Foundation now for the best part of a year.  I have tried it in 3 different shades and have found my perfect match in the shade “Tawny”.  This is a slightly yellow based foundation which matches my skin tone but also gives me the glow I am always striving for!  The coverage really is great with this foundation and I only use about a 5p sized amount to cover my whole face so it lasts me so long!  Not only does the bottle last ages but the foundation stays on all day… it’s actually a little hard to get off sometimes!!!!  I can never find this any cheaper than £26.. so I usually buy this direct from Estee Lauder as they always send 2 free samples of other products which is always a bonus in my eyes!

To set my lovely foundation I use an equally as lovely 100% mineral pressed powder from Bella Pierre shown in the piccie below.  SO this powder is literally amazing.  You can wear it without foundation underneath for a really natural, quick, daytime look.. but on top of foundation it really blends so well into your skin/foundation and keeps your makeup perfect and face shine free all day!  The only mega down side to Bella Pierre’s powder is the PRICE!  It is a whopping £39.99!!  The one I am using now was half the price as I was really lucky and was having a sale!  But I am running out and I will probably cry as I shell out the full whack for this marvellous powder
SO if anyone knows where I can get it cheaper.. please do let me know!!!

I hope this post has helped you in your search for the perfect foundation!!!
L xx

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Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Events for U: What's trending in 2012 in the wedding world.....

Please visit my sister's blog and check out her creativity in the wedding world!

Events for U: What's trending in 2012 in the wedding world.....: I have been doing some research for this years beautiful weddings and have learnt that wedding flowers will always be a popular way to de... Pin It

Nail Sm'art'ies!

Dripping polish is one of the easiest nail designs to do!  All you need is 2 contrasting colour polishes and a dotting tool!

For my base colour I used my Leighton Denny "Sunday Girl" polish - not forgetting to use OPI clear base first!
For the black "drips" I used YSL's "Duo Terriblement Noir" - this is a nail duo that comprises classic black nail polish in 2 variations, Matte and Glossy (piccie below).  These were a birthday present and I am yet to try out the 2 together but I have used them seperately and they are both brilliant black polishes!

So back to the drips... I got my largest dotting tool and dipped it in my glossy black polish and basically dotted it on in drip like shapes!
As the drips can get quite thick you have to make sure this is super dry before you finish with your top coat
As always Seche Vite is the best top coat for this design as it will help dry your polish underneath
I also think this look would look awesome with brown polish but at the time I didnt have one that was thick enough to look really chocolatey!!  Maybe I will try that next time!
L xx
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Monday, 6 February 2012

"I don't mind living in a man's world as long as I can be a woman in it"

The famous quote from Marilyn Monroe!
One of my best friends is totally obsessed with Marilyn so this mani is dedicated to her!!
I obviously didn't handpaint the Marilyn's - these would be a masterpeice if i had!!  I used whats called a water decal which you can find tons of on Ebay!

I used my OPI clear base as per usual.. For the colour I used Leighton Denny in "Sunday Girl" - which I received in one of my GlossyBox's a few months back
This colour is lush.. I think pinks are always a great nail colour and also all shades suit every skin tone, you can't go wrong
It takes at least 2 coats to get a good finish with this polish however and it takes longer than some other polishes to dry (does a dry fast polish REALLY exist?!!!!) so be really careful when applying! Although.. Seche Vite can be used when the polish is still tacky and will dry your polish super hard and a lot quicker which is always a plus!

I will be doing a tutorial on how to use a water decal when I next do them so make sure you check that out if your interested in an easy and quick nail art idea
Oh and please let me know if you would like me to point you in the direction of where to buy some to do your own!!
L xx
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Saturday, 4 February 2012

Pearl Party!!

So its my annual work party tonight and the theme this year is School Prom!!  I love this theme as me a my friend tend to get rather dressed up every year and the boys seem to turn up in scruffy jeans and its just inappropriate!!  So this year they will be tuxed up and we won't feel so out of place!

Obviously I just had to do some kind of regal nail for this occasion!  So last night I re-did my China Glaze "For Audrey" polish (i must admit it had sadly chipped a little over the last couple of days) and I added these cool little half pearls I purchased on Ebay aaages ago!  I bagged them for 99p and they cam in all different colours and sizes!  I absolutely loves pearls.. its really the only kind of jewellery i wear so this design is right up my street!

As usual for the base I used a classic OPI clear and for the top coat I used Seche Vite.  I stuck the pearls on with none other than Vajazzle glue!!  Then went over the whole nail again with Seche Vite to make sure it stays set all day and looks shiny for tonight!

I'm wearing a plain LBD tonight and nude shoes so i hope these nails jazz it up a little!!
Thanks for reading!!
L xx
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Friday, 3 February 2012

What is a GlossyBox??

So I don't know how many of you have heard of beauty boxes before or their concept so I thought I would blog about them as I for one am a BIG fan!!

What is a Beauty Box??
A beauty box is a monthly box sent to you containing 5-6 luxury product miniatures (often 1 of these is a full size product)  This ranges from creams, lotions and potions, perfume, makeup, nail polish and even detoxing teas!

How much does it cost??
£10 per month plus p+p

How does GlossyBox know my skin type/hair colour etc??
After registering you are asked to fill out your Beauty Profile, which will help them select which products will compliment your personal beauty and styling requirements

Why do I need a GlossyBox??
GlossyBox is aimed at the girl who cannot afford the high end luxury brands especially without trying them out first.  Or the girl who just loves trying out something different every month
With each product you try, you can review it on their website and redeem GlossyDots which go towards you eventually getting a free box

Where do I sign??!
You can sign up to GlossyBox on the below link

So thats GlossyBox!  There are a few other Beauty Boxes now also on the market.. another one I receive is the Feel Unique Beauty Box which I will be reviewing soon!  Other boxes include Boudoir Prive - also known as Jolie Box and Carmine box

I will be reviewing this GlossyBox as soon as I have had a chance to try out all the products!! I will also let you know what I have received in my previous boxes so you know what you can expect!
So keep checking in!
L xx
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Thursday, 2 February 2012

Breakfast & a Little Tiffanys!

Now this is my FAVOURITE ever colour polish!  I love it!  This yummy minty blue is "For Audrey" by China Glaze, and in honour of Audrey is a very close match to that of the trademark Tiffanys boxes!
I was so tempted to do a white Konad stencil over this but I love the colour so much I am letting it shine alone for today!
Not only is this colour fab, the actual polish is really great quality and I really only needed 1 coat for the flawless finish.  I used 2 coats this time though and Seche Vite top coat to dry and to add extra shine, but you could even get away without the top coat (for those who prefer a speedy manicure)
I got this polish from Ebay- as i do with most of my polishes/nail equipment - I found it for about £8 and it is definately worth every penny
Will update you soon to let you know how long this went without chippage!!

L xx

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Wednesday, 1 February 2012

First NOTD! Sunday Spots

I was really pleased with how this late night design turned out.. considering I end up doing a lot of my nail art in the dark this one was super neat!

I used a classic OPI clear base coat, and Topshop "Naked" polish for the colour -I must say i am LOVING the Topshop nail polishes, they go on really well and only take 2 coats to look flawless.
For the dots I used every greeney bluey colour I have!!  The darkest ones were No7 and the pearly turqouise one was a Maybelline.  The lightest green was the OPI "Gargantuan Green Grape Matte" which at the moment I hate hate hate hate as an all over colour.. I think I will fall head over heels for it once it hits summer and I have bronzed skin.. but until then it suits well as a splash of colour here and there!

A lot of people ask what I use to do the dots.. I used to use tooth picks until I discovered the amazing dotting tools you can buy on Ebay!!!  They come in all different sizes so for this design I used every size I have!

I hope you enjoyed my first NOTD!!  Lots more on their way!!
L xx

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