Wednesday, 8 February 2012

The Endless Search for Perfect Foundation..

So although my blog has mainly been about nails so far I love all cosmetics and I have been on a constant search for the perfect foundation for years.. and I think I have finally found it!!!

So I have quite fair skin.. a little bit dry.. a little bit sensitive.. and a lot freckly!  I HATE my skin looking white so I am always looking for a foundation that will give me a glow and also give me good coverage for my freckles but also one that I don’t have to cake on to achieve this perfect base!!  Is it possible?!!!!!
I think it is!!

 I have been using Estee Lauder’s Double Wear Foundation now for the best part of a year.  I have tried it in 3 different shades and have found my perfect match in the shade “Tawny”.  This is a slightly yellow based foundation which matches my skin tone but also gives me the glow I am always striving for!  The coverage really is great with this foundation and I only use about a 5p sized amount to cover my whole face so it lasts me so long!  Not only does the bottle last ages but the foundation stays on all day… it’s actually a little hard to get off sometimes!!!!  I can never find this any cheaper than £26.. so I usually buy this direct from Estee Lauder as they always send 2 free samples of other products which is always a bonus in my eyes!

To set my lovely foundation I use an equally as lovely 100% mineral pressed powder from Bella Pierre shown in the piccie below.  SO this powder is literally amazing.  You can wear it without foundation underneath for a really natural, quick, daytime look.. but on top of foundation it really blends so well into your skin/foundation and keeps your makeup perfect and face shine free all day!  The only mega down side to Bella Pierre’s powder is the PRICE!  It is a whopping £39.99!!  The one I am using now was half the price as I was really lucky and was having a sale!  But I am running out and I will probably cry as I shell out the full whack for this marvellous powder
SO if anyone knows where I can get it cheaper.. please do let me know!!!

I hope this post has helped you in your search for the perfect foundation!!!
L xx

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