Wednesday, 25 April 2012

I've Missed Leopard!

I haven't done any leopard nail art in what feels like agesssss!! So last night I created this little beauty!  This was inspired by Kourteney Kardashian's top on an old episode of KUWTK!!

I used Wet n Wild white for the base colour x 2 coats.. and then sponged on Topshops "Naked" and a really super old reddy brown colour that I have no name for!??  Its in a Revlon type bottle so I am going to go with that!

I used my black liner pen for the leopard print and finished with a coat of Seche!

L xx
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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

A Fairytale Contest Entry!!

This fantastic entry is from MesiaszCiszy who was inspired by the "world of fairytales, inspiration and imagination"

I am SO impressed with this design!!!!!!!! I couldn't even attempt at doing something as good as this!!

Thanks so much for your entry and good luck!!
L xx
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Monday, 23 April 2012

The Big 70

Just a quick note to say thank you for all 70 of you lovely followers for your blog lovin' and kind comments!!

Can I make it to 100??!!
L xx
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St George's Day Contest Entry

Sooooooo glad to see another entry for my nail art contest as I was starting to think I wasn't going to get any more entries :(

This wicked design is from Vicky and its so fitting with the day as it is St George's Day in the UK!!  This is obviously what Vicky was inspired by and I think its great to see our English history and heritage out there as St George's Day is rarely celebrated in the UK which sucks!!

Vicky used OPI polishes for her design and some silver nail enamel for the dots which I think look like studs.. love it!

Good Luck!!  Keep entering people!
L xx

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Friday, 20 April 2012

Clouds and Kites

I purchased this fabulous new baby blue colour and needed to try it out ASAP!  So this simple little sky design was a must, and i love it!

The blue I bought is from Topshop and is called "Celestial" - I actually googled this word as I had no idea what it means and this is the definition i got..

"Celestial - pertaining to the sky or visible heaven"

 So as the name suggest "sky" I guess I had to go with the sky theme!!

I used 2 coats of this blue over a base coat of Stickey by CND (i will be reviewing this soon).  The application is just lush on this polish and I love the colour, its exactly what I have been after for a while now!

For the clouds I used a medium dotting tool dipped in white polish and dotted on cloud shapes - this is so so easy you should give it a go!

I loved this look plain but me being a creative little bean I had to add something else!!  So out came my black liner pen and I drew on a kite on my thumb and a couple of bird shapes on my ring finger!  I think this really adds a little quirkiness to the whole look

Anyone else loving Topshops nail polishes?? I really cannot fault them!!!
L xx

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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Newspaper Nails... Kind of!!

Nail art is freakin everywhere these days isn't it?!!  Its fantastic!!!

Today's online edition of The Sun newspaper had a brilliant article all about nail art which you can read here!!

"NAIL this season’s hottest beauty trends as manicures get weird and wonderful"

I love that Nail Art is really out there now as its something so affordable for everyone to try out at home

I am really enjoying matching my nails to fashion at the moment too and I will be posting a lot more on that in future posts..

I hope you enjoy The Sun's post as much as I have today!!

L xx
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Cherry Good!

I spent most of my weekend jazzing up my family and friend's nails!!

I did a Cherry mani on my friend Fran and I am in love with them!!  They are so fun and cute and SO easy to achieve!

For the base colour I used Topshop "Naked" x 2 coats.  For the cherry red I used Leighton Denny "Viva La Diva" and a dotting tool with a dot of white on top!
For the leaves I used Rimmels "Peppermint" and finished off with a coat of Seche Vite and a little diamante!!

I hope you think this is Cherry Goodness at its best!!
L xx
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Monday, 16 April 2012

Vintage Wedding Nails

My big sister is director of an events company  (you can find her blog here) and on Sunday she was advertising at a Vintage Wedding Fare

The flowers in the candlestick holder was all made by her!! She is fabulous huh!?  She wanted some nails to match her vintage flower theme so I used the rose idea for her nails

For the base colour I used a custom Jessica nail polish with no name!! This is a really pearly light pink which is gorgeous but takes a longggg time to dry!

For the roses I used Revlon "Classy" and Wet n Wild White mixed with a dotting tool and for the leaves I used Rimmel Professional Finish in "Peppermint"

I also added tiny pale yellow dots of polish and tiny half pearls to tie the colours in with my sisters flowers and theme

I am a huge fan on vintage and I think I will be experimenting with more vintage themed nail art!
L xx
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Nail Art Contest Reminder!

Good morning all!! Just a quick note to say don't forget about my Nail Art Contest!!!

The contest ends on 5th May so get submitting to win some lovely prizes!!

L xx
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Friday, 13 April 2012

A Very Exciting Tweet!!!!

So I logged into my Twitter account yesterday and found I had been tweeted by the one and only @NicoleByOPI!!!!!!!

I am so so so sooooo happy that they have noticed my blog, not to mention tweeting about it!!  Its been re-tweeted by a few peeps as well which is even more flattering!

This has really encouraged me to make my blog the best it can be and probably do some more posts focused on Catwalk Nail Art and whats trending in the fashion/nail art merged world!

I have also started a Nail Tech course so I can start doing other peoples nails which is a big step for me!!

Have any of you guys had any cool tweets that have inspired you?!!
L xx
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One Lovely Blog Award!!

Ahhhh you guys are too cute!  I received this award today from Anna at Anna's Dope Blog!

I am totally flattered and again really chuffed that people are reading my blog and enjoying my nail art!

The rules of the award are to let readers know 7 facts about yourself and to award 15 other bloggers.. I don't want to just pick anyone so I will award some peeps when I have more time :)

7 Facts About Me:
I hate fridges.  I dislike the smell and am often scared to open one in case there is smelly food in there!! Ew.

My absolute favourite movie is Titanic, i have probably watched it over 50 times and once more last Friday in 3D.  I will never let go..

My eyes are different shades of blue.. kind of like a funky cat

Spaghetti Bolegnese makes me physically sick, I cannot stand to be around it!! People cannot fathom this as apparently its most people's firm favourite dish. losers

I have a freckle on my nose called Claire.

I am a little OCD when it comes to shopping for things.  I cannot pick the thing at the front of a shelf or the thing I have first touched, and I simply won't buy it if it is the last one - for fear of contamination!!!

I am addicted to other peoples blogs.  I feel like have actually become a stalker with some people.. I just LOVE their lives!!!!

L xx

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Thursday, 12 April 2012

Hot Tools Hair Curlers

Just a quick hair tong related question!!

Any of you USA, Canada girlie's use Hot Tools curling tongs??

These seem to be totally unavailable to buy anywhere in the UK and its driving me crazy!?  Does anyone know of anywhere in the UK I can buy them.. if anyone is selling them.. or an great US site that doesn't charge £35 for shipping?!

Any help would be just fabulous!!
L xx
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Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Non-Black Tie!

Tuxedo nails, you rock!!

After seeing various celebrities rocking the black and white tux nail trend I couldn't wait to try out some of my own!  Then I see a certain quirky celeb sporting a blue version of the ever popular design!  Being a girl who rarely wears black this inspired me to do a multi coloured tuxedo nail art, which was sooooo easy to do but looks ever so classy!

I painted these ones on some falsies as my nails have been through he wars and snapped (Snooki waaahhh)  So I didn't need to paint a base but if this was my natural nails a brilliant white is a must

For the thumb I used Rimmel Professional Finish in "Peppermint" - this one is new to my collection and is a beautifully pastel minty yummy colour!!  Application is fab too with its chunky brush for precision

For my index finger I used Nicki Minaj "Pink Friday".. The middle I used OPI "Too Hot Pink To Hold 'Em"  - a gorgeous deep pink!  My ring finger was Kiko in "blue" and my pinky finger was Revlon "Lilac"

All I used was the side of the polish brush for the coloured "french" tip and a dotting tool to create the buttons and bow tie.  All finished with Seche Vite

I hope you like my Non-Black tie!!
L xx
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The Nail Art Trend

I am a massive fan of Look Magazine and I never miss an issue!!  As much as I would love to afford the clobber in Grazia and Vogue.. I can't.  Look is full of affordable fashion and cosmetics and shows you you don't have to spend a fortune to look hot!!

As much as I love clothes my fave pages are the beauty tips, reviews and hair ideas and this weeks issue did not disappoint!  A full 5 pages of Nail Art!!!!!

The first couple of pages were about nail wraps - I am not a fan of wraps I just can't get on with the application, but one of the designs really caught my eye and I think this is something I could copy by hand

My fave page was "Catwalk Match Manicures" which was all freehand nail art copying the latest trends on the 2012 catwalk.. Love it!!

I will most definitely a billion percent be trying these designs out myself and I will post as soon as I have had a go!!
Will anyone else be trying out these 2012 Catwalk designs??
L xx
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Tuesday, 10 April 2012

An Aztec Entry!

Wowwww!!!! I love love love this Aztec entry from Chantelle at Chantelle's Beauties!!  Chantelle is a professional and is from my home town so check her blog out!

Chantelle was inspired by a pair of River Island earrings that she has included in her picture.. she used Barry M and Orly and a fine nail art brush to create the design!

Good luck!!!
Keep the entries coming guys.. you have the best part of a month to get those creative juices flowing!!

L xx
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Another Contest Entry!!

How lush was that long weekend off!!!?  I am terribly sad it is over, I am not ready to go back to work!!

So another entry and this one is gorgeous! Submitted by Lindsay from Nailtopia - check out her blog its great!!

Lindsay was inspired by a pattern from shirt she owns and she even included a pic of the shirt which is fab!!  I really love the colours used in this design and she has got them to look SUPER shiny!

Good work and Good Luck!!!
L xx
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Friday, 6 April 2012


This morning I decided to really annoy my boyfriend by painting my nails about 5 different designs and then taking them all off again!!

These were some of my faves and something I've not done before.. some Comic Book POW nails!

I started with a base colour on each finger.  For the thumb I used La Femme polish in "Pink Creme".. Index I used my China Glaze "Secret Peri-Winkle.. Middle I used Kiko in a Jade shade which I cannot find the name of!!! Ring finger I used Kiko Yellow and my pinky I used my Revlon Scented Nail Enamel in "Orange Pop" (which smells incredible by the way and sooo fruity!!)

I then painted on a white to make the speech bubble once my base was dry and outlined this with a liquid eyeliner.  I would make the outlines slightly thinner next time but sometimes the liner is tricky to get the same thickness.. something I am working on!

For the spots I literally mixed a little off my base colour with a touch of white polish and spotted it on top.  I love this effect and creating a custom colour and I will def be repeating it!

I finished off with the words written in liquid eyeliner and a coat of trusty old Seche Vite!!

I wish I could have kept this mani on as I was super pleased with it but I just couldn't do my right hand!! GGGRRR!!
L xx

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Thursday, 5 April 2012

Another Nail Art Entry!

This fab entry is from Cee at Absolutely Cee!!  

She was inspired by her boyfriend's PacMan blanket and used only polishes, tape and a stick for dotting to create this brilliant design!!

I'm so impressed!!! Good luck!!
L xx
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Nail Entry Number 1!

Eeekk I was so excited to check my inbox this morning to find a brilliant nail contest entry from the lovely Suzie from Sassy Nails

Suzie is only 15 and I am so impressed with this Lion King themed nail art!!
I am a massive fan of Disney so you have def won some brownie points there.. and I love the use of colour blending for the sunset!

Good work and good luck!!
L xx
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Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Nail Art Contest Starts Today!!

I’m am hosting a nail art contest!!  This is the first contest I have done and I am so excited to see what you nail queens come up with!!!

So I would like you guys to create a nail art inspired by something!  It could be absolutely anything you like.. a fabric, pattern, place, food, celebrity, an event.. absolutely anything, as long as you let me know what your inspiration was!! 

The winner will get all of the below prizes, I took a long time picking these and I hope the lucky winner will enjoy them!!  We will also be picking a 2nd and 3rd place who will each receive a surprise prize!

Nails Inc Nudes and Neon’s Collection

2 x Bourjois Little Round Pot Eyeshadow in Raffine and Tabac Blonde
1 x pack of half pearls to create some pearly nail art – 12 different colours (i have no pic of these yet!)

Here are the rules:
  • The contest is open Internationally!
  • I would love your design to be freehand but stamping is allowed
  • No decals allowed
  • You must let me know what your design was inspired by and if possible send me a pic of the inspiration
  • The nail art design must be on at least 4 finger nails
  • The nail art design must be on actual nails on a real persons hand!  Acrylics and extensions are allowed though!
  • Each person may submit only one nail design
  • The contest begins today and will end on the 5th May at midnight
  • The contest will be judged by myself and 2 of my friends and the winner will be our favourite, most original and creative design!

How to submit your
  • Email me at the above address with 1 or 2 photos of your design and or your inspiration (watermarking your photo is fine)
  • Please subject your email as “Contest Entry”
  • Tell me about your design if you like, tools and colours you used and let me know what inspired you
  • Don’t forget to include your blog URL if you have one so I can link it back to you.. this is a great opportunity to get some exposure!!  If you don’t have a nail art blog you can still enter J
  • Links back to this contest would be fabulous but are not required
  • As soon as I receive your email with your entry it will be posted on my blog along with your URL for people to admire and comment!
Let me know if you have any questions, and good luck!!!
 L xx

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Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Nail Art Contest HELP!!!!!

So i really really really want to host a Nail Art Contest!!!  Can one of you super user bloggers let me know how the hell I use this "inlinkz" thing to set one up?!  Or let me know how else I can set a contest up so you lot can submit your entries for everyone to see?

Any help would be appreciated so I can get the contest up and running :)!!!
L xx
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