Friday, 10 February 2012

This stuff should be edible!!!

Just a quick one on the hand cream I am currently using!  You MUST MUST MUST buy some of this stuff!  It smells lush!!  I also like to think it is keeping my hands hydrated and soft.. but the best thing is def the smell!

This hand cream is by the amazing OPI and you can find them in the OPI stores around and Selfridges but the best place to get this is definitely EBay.. I got this one for £4 including postage.  It is only a mini version as you can get large ones with pump dispensers but I much prefer the mini ones as it just gives me an excuse to buy another flavour when it runs out in a few weeks!! 

This one sits on my desk at work and I slather it on about 20 times per day!  I also have the Melon and Coconut flavour at home that my lovely man bought me for Xmas!  It smells equally as beautiful and again it really does keep my hands soft!!

It is really important to keep your hands and nails hydrated.. it really does help nail growth and strength and keeps your skin soft!  I mean who wants dry cracked hands EWWWW not me!!
L xx
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