Monday, 13 February 2012

More Leopard Love!

I told you I like to do a lot of leopard!!  Just wanted to show you this design as it is slightly different from my previous leopard nails..

For the base colour I used Barry M Foil Effects in Gold which is really nice (however I would have used my new Topshop gold had I had it when doing this design as it is SO gold and really sparkly and my new firm favourite!!)
Once was really fully dry I got my dotting tool - or you can use a toothpick - and dipped it in my Wet n Wild White polish and sort of sploged it in wobbly lines on each nail.  At first you will be thinking "this looks pants".. but once you have finsihed with the spots on top I promise this really does look amazing!

Again wait for this to dry as rock hard as poss and then add your leopard prints.  I used brown shades for this as I think they really compliment the gold and white..  The light brown is Maybelline Forever Strong in "Rosy Gold" and the darker brown is No7 Speed Dry (which does not speedily dry FYI!) in "Beanie".  Again I outlined the spots with my Models Own Nail Art pen and finished with Seche Vite top coat!
And ggggrrr!  They are done :)
L xx

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