Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Denman D3 Anarkitty Sassy Brush

The lovely people at Denman must have read my mind (and blog) about my hair being far too long, thick and tangled, as they have sent me this little beauty.. the AnarKitty 'Sassy' brush*

Denman International has teamed up with local Northern Irish artist, Emma Geary AKA 'AnarKitty' to create this Special Edition design for the famous Denman D3 brush. AnarKitty's style focuses on strong and individual women in today's culture but gives them a feminine twist. She also signs her work with the initials 'AK'. Denman were looking for stylish artwork that was completely original and unique for the classic Denman D3 brush. Denman and AnarKitty worked together to incorporate the Denman crown, the famous asymmetrical bob hairstyle and the Rococo swirl design. AnarKitty was able to produce an outstanding piece of art for Denman and has named this piece 'Sassy' as a tribute to the late, great Vidal Sassoon.  YOu can find more AnarKitty work here 

I think a Denman brush is essential for any woman!  They have always been a classic staple brand of hairbrush that I have always trusted in, for quality and its something that I have used for years

I have found that I can't use this brush in damp hair at all.  I don't know if its my thick tangled hair type or that the brush is just better for use on dry hair, so I have been popping this in my handbag for touch ups during the day and it really is a gem!  My hair is so soft and smooth after every use and the design is so pretty!

The AnarKitty 'Sassy' brush is ideal for Christmas presents for the girls and I know I will be purchasing one for my friend with equally as long hair!!

You can get the Denman D3 Anarkitty Sassy Brush here for £7.50 which I think is a reasonable price for a brush of this quality and design.  It will last you ages!!

Do you use a Denman brush?

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