Monday, 30 July 2012

Thank You's and Sorry's

Firstly I would like to thank all 100 of my lovely followers!!!!!!!  I have finally reached my first milestone!!!!!! although to some 100 is a teeny fraction of their readers, 100 to me is amazing!!!!!!!  I am only a part time blogger and fit in posts when I can so its truly fab to have so many people wanting to see what I have to share!! You all rock 

Secondly I must apologise for my lack of posting.. I had a very long holiday in Spain!! I thought about doing a few scheduled posts but I much prefer to write mine when I am in the moment if that makes sense!!!

So.. there are my thank you's and my sorry's and I will be following this up shortly with a "What I used on Holiday" post!!!!!  Can't wait to get back into the swing of things!! (although having a very long and tiring day at work today wahhh.)

Thank you all for your continuous attention ;-)
L xx
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Thursday, 5 July 2012

Chantecaille Just Skin.. Tried & Tested

So as you know I purchased this expensive little beast a couple of months ago now.  Here is my review on the lusted after product..

Week 1
So after itching to buy this "wonder" product for months I was super excited to slap the stuff on, go out and be complimented on my ever glowing beautiful Millie-from-Made in Chealsea-esque look!!! - Nuh uh.  I wake up with the driest pimpliest skin ever and dark circles around my eyes that even the heaviest foundation/concealer couldn't rescue me!  Nevertheless I decided to give it a go.. This did me no favours, my eyes were dark my skin was grey and I had to wash off and start over with my usual Estee Lauder and an extra thick layer of concealer. This stuff is not for bad skin days.

Week 2
After 4 or 5 days of sticking with my usual foundation my skin had returned to its normal pale but spotless self so I decided to give Just Skin TM another whirl.
I am mighty glad I did!  I used a generous blob to cover my entire face with a few dabs of Bobbi Brown concealer where necessary and my skin really did look very natural, dewy and generally just healthy!  My boyfriend even complimented me on how good my skin/makeup looked that day and that is always a win in my eyes

Week 3
So after a couple of weeks using Just Skin and I am sold.  I have mastered the correct amount I need, how to apply (I like to use just my fingers and pat it around my face) and which blusher works best with the stuff, and I must say I have had a good few compliments on my skin and how glowing it looks

I would definitely say that this tinted moisturiser is not for everyone.  If you have oily or naturally dewy skin this stuff will most likely slide off your face upon application!  It is not for the girl who wants full coverage, it is very light on the skin with just a hint of colour. Saying that I think with a decent concealer and maybe even a light powder you can achieve medium coverage whilst still carrying off that dewy look

I don't know if I will be repurchasing when this tube is finished due to the price but I think it will be a once a year purchase for those spring summer months where foundation is just not necessary.  I also will probably need the money to invest in the Chantecaille SPF which I have had my eye on next!!!

If you are umming and aahing like I was over this product then I hope my review has helped towards making the big decision!
L xx
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