Friday, 29 June 2012

BellaPierre SALE ALERT!!

Eeekkkkk!  Calling all BellePierre cosmetic lovers!  There is a huge sale on right now at on a whole bunch of BellaPierre bits and pieces!  

My fave compact powder is selling for a tiny £19 instead of the usual £40 price tag!!  There are shimmer powders for the eyes for as little as £6.. eyeliners, mascaras and cleansers.

I am in desperate need of a new blusher and bronzer so I just picked up the Pressed Mineral Blush in Autumn Glow and the Pressed Mineral Bronzer in Starshine - both a mere £14 each compared to their usual price of £30 each

As well as that Secret Sales are offerring an additional 25% off your total shopping bag!  That is a huge saving to make!!!

What are you waiting for!
L xx
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Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Cloud 9

These cute little digits were created using Nicki Minaj's "Pink Friday".. OPIs candyfloss pink creation!

 I used a dotting tool dipped in a mix of white polish and polish remover to give a fainter fluffier look..  I added a few hearts with my tiniest dotting tool and Rimmels "Coralista" as well as some blue hearts using some Polish from an un-named nail art pen

I wanted this nail art to be super cute and fun so Instead of copying the design on my thumb I did lips instead to add to the fun factor!

I think this would be a great design for Valentines!
L xx
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Sunday, 24 June 2012

Stud Obsessed.

I have been feeling a little under the weather this weekend and after almost reading 2 Hunger Games books in 48 hours, boredom slowly took over!!  Instead of reaching for my nail polishes I decided to get creative in a different way and found some studs I had purchased on Ebay some time ago to decorate some jeans with..
As we all know studs are all the rage right now and I myself am no exception to the stud ravers!!  I love them!! I find myself drawn to anything embellished with them right now so making my own seemed a fab way of killing time and also indulging in my new obsession!

The studs I bought are gold since I prefer it over silver and brass, however I have just made a few more purchases on eBay for some mixed coloured studs including some circle and star shapes!  They are so easy to use, you literally push them into your desired material and close the pins on the other side to fasten them on.. and voila!!!
Here is the finished result!!!

I still have a few more studs left so I am def going to get to work on some other shorts, maybe some jeans.. possibly a denim shirt.. OH and maybe a tshirt or 2!!  Told you i am obsessed!!!  I am also determined to mnake some DIY Galaxy shorts before I go on holiday in a couple of weeks.. so hopefully I can do a tutorial on those if I get the time to make them!!!!

Have you guys been doing any arts and crafts this weekend??
L xx
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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Recent Buys

So I thought I would share a few of my recent buys as most of them are beauty related!

I was desperate for some new bags to store all my make-up and minis (collected from various beauty boxes).  I don't need anything permanent or even expensive as living at my bfs house my cosmetics have to be stored away in a big drawer!  So convenience is really all I require for now.  These lovely little bags are all from none other than Primark for a couple of £'s each and I am really pleased with them!  See through bags are great as you can see exactly what's in them but i like how there is a pretty girly design on one side.  Super cute.

The thin blue bag is for my handbag to store my make-up/nail goodies I may need in emergency's!  I love the pattern on this bag (would make a fab nail design) and I believe it was only £1!


Something I have been wanting to try for ages is the Real Techniques stippling foundation brush.  I usually use my fingers for my foundation and I have never had problem with that but I do love to try new things and techniques so I wanted to give using a brush a go.  I must say after 2 days of using this brush I absolutely friggen love it!!  No shedding whatsoever and my foundation has never looked so flawless.  Am I converted???!

So last on my wish list was the Bioderma Crealine.  This is a product I read endless reviews on, umming and ahhing over whether I really need this product in my life and if it will be good for my skin type.  After about a year of procrastination I have decided to bite the bullet and by the mini version to try it out! I received this 2 weeks ago and have already used half the bottle!  I defo need to purchase the larger version!! Review on its way me thinks.

I hope you've enjoyed seeing what I have been spending the pennies on recently.  Would love to know what you guys are splurging on or any bargains you have pocketed??!
L xx
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Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Galaxy Girl

I am totes obsessed with Galaxy Nail Art!! Hey don't judge!  I find myself wanting to do it ALL the time!!!  I really enjoy trying out different colours and shades to get a unique look and here is my latest design...

I'm calling this one the "Girly Galaxy" as its all girly, sparkly and yummy!! 

I didn't stop at the above either.. I found some sequin stars to stick on to really make this a magical galaxy!!

Do you like my girly take on the Galaxy Nail??
L xx

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June GlossyBox

Here we go again... another month.. another beauty box!!

So to be honest this months box was really going to be the decider for me, whether I stayed signed up to GlossyBox or not.  I must say although upon first opening of my box it looked a little emtpy.. the actual products are all rather good!  The theme for the June box is Sexy Summer Style and here are the products I received...


The first thing I noticed being a nail freak was the Me Me Me Nail Gloss in a lovely peach colour!  I havent tried any of Me Me Me's products and I love the on trend colour so this one is spot on for me!!  It also looks like it finishes super shiny which is good.  I can't wait to give it a go..

I then noticed a very plain looking pot of dust.. so to speak!  This pot of mysterious powder is actually BM Beauty's Summer Warmth Bronzer which is another first for me but also another winner as anyone who knows me knows I love a bit of tannage!  Will definately be trying this out tomorrow!  The only complaint on this product is the pot.. it will be tough getting the right amount out of the cheap pot as there is no filter or anything.. it could get messy!

Next was Vichy's Dermablend Ultra-Corrective Foundation Cream..  Again another first and a very exciting brand to receive after all the hype it has received!!  I am one of thousands who watched the tattoo dude get covered in this stuff and look completely flawless and I must say it impressed me!  I like how this comes in different shade samples so you can mix to your exact skin tone.  Another one I may have to try out tomorrow!

 Last product in my box was a sample of Caudalie Eaux Fraiches perfume.  I'm a fussy perfume wearer/buyer and this describes itself as floral which usually puts me off even trying it.  However I squirted a little on the back of my hand and after a little time its quite lush!


OH one last thing I forgot about... I received a REALLY crappy makeup brush which Glossy are calling the Serie Exclusive Pro Beauty Brush and apparently retail it at £15.  Wow.  Its probably the worst brush I have ever felt... its made of goats hair and it smells like a farm yard!!!!  Sorry Glossybox but the only place for this brush is the bin!!!

So what do I think overall this month???
I think I am pretty happy with the products I received.  I will say that I am dissapointed in no full size products included in June and obviously the terrible brush was just vile.. BUT I will not be unsubscribing as I know I will use all of the products in this box which I can rarely say about any beauty box to be honest

Good Job GB!
L xx

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Monday, 18 June 2012

Peace, Love and Spots

My beautiful friend Sarah had her wedding day on Saturday!  It was literally the prettiest wedding I have ever been to!! Everything was vintage/shabby chic and just perfect!

I wore a polka dot Navy dress from ASOS Petite.. so I decided to go for some peach and white simple nail art.  Her bridesmaids were also in peach dresses so this colour was a bit of a theme!

I used Barry M's Peach Melba for the base and wet n wild white for my spots and Peace sign!  Sorry for the quality of the pic.. It was a busy old day!!!

Here is Peach Melba on its own..

Oh and here is our mega cute favours... Not nail or beauty related but OH so cute!!!!!

L xx
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Friday, 15 June 2012

Design Seed

I am often asked where I find inspiration for my nail art and one of the things I use constantly is the website Design Seeds
I don't just use this for inspiration for Nail Art but literally in my entire life, whether its outfit planning, ideas for when I eventually buy a house to decorate and even make-up.

Basically the idea around the site is little kind of mood boards with the perfect colour and palette combinations.  Perfect for wedding planning and especially decorating!!

For Nail Art these help immensely when it comes to choosing complementing colours and shades, as well as helping see if a polish colour will match your outfit!

Here are some of my favourite boards..

Where do you get your inspiration?!
L xx
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Monday, 11 June 2012

Blurred Fleurs

Firstly I have been shocking at blogging this past week due to just having the bank holidays, Jubilee and recovering from such events!!! Sorry to all my lovely followers.. (nearly @ 100 might I add!)

So these little bad boys are currently gracing my nails!

I followed a tutorial I saw on The Beauty Department to create "faded florals" and I must say I am in love.
It definitely creates the more vintage look I adore whilst still being cute and fun!

Give the tutorial a go as its fabulous!!
L xx
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