Saturday, 4 February 2012

Pearl Party!!

So its my annual work party tonight and the theme this year is School Prom!!  I love this theme as me a my friend tend to get rather dressed up every year and the boys seem to turn up in scruffy jeans and its just inappropriate!!  So this year they will be tuxed up and we won't feel so out of place!

Obviously I just had to do some kind of regal nail for this occasion!  So last night I re-did my China Glaze "For Audrey" polish (i must admit it had sadly chipped a little over the last couple of days) and I added these cool little half pearls I purchased on Ebay aaages ago!  I bagged them for 99p and they cam in all different colours and sizes!  I absolutely loves pearls.. its really the only kind of jewellery i wear so this design is right up my street!

As usual for the base I used a classic OPI clear and for the top coat I used Seche Vite.  I stuck the pearls on with none other than Vajazzle glue!!  Then went over the whole nail again with Seche Vite to make sure it stays set all day and looks shiny for tonight!

I'm wearing a plain LBD tonight and nude shoes so i hope these nails jazz it up a little!!
Thanks for reading!!
L xx
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