Wednesday, 30 May 2012

My Daily Make Up

I work in an office, the typical 9-5 (more like 5.30) day and make up for me is a must but it has to be quick application, neutral and long lasting!  Currently I am in love with looking dewy and glowing and fresh so the below products are what I am currently piling on to my face to achieve that exact look...

I am not a primer fan so firstly I slap on my trusty Steam Cream which is absolutely my most favourite moisturiser of late. Unless I have a sudden breakout and need to use a blemish specific cream this moisturiser graces my face every single day.  I tend to use a small amount in the mornings so my make-up just sits nicely on top, whereas in the evenings I cannot get enough of this on my face and slather on half a pot!!

Chantecaille Just Skin Tinted Moisturiser

For the last couple of weeks I have been using Just Skin by Chantecaille tinted moisturiser in Glow.  I haven't needed much coverage on my skin and it has also been super warm in the UK so heavy foundation is just not practical or necessary *I will be writing my review of Chantecaille TM so very soon!* On those days when I do need a bit more coverage I use my Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation in Tawny which I have reviewed here.  I cannot get enough of this foundation, you really cannot go wrong with its coverage and lasting abilities.  I then use a touch of Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer in Cool Sand where needed.. generally under eye, round my nose and any blemish that decides to rear its ugly head.  This concealer is the bomb and it would take a strong contender to convince me to change it!  Depending if I need the coverage, I use the tiniest dusting of Bella Pierre's Mineral Foundation powder in Latte which also sets my makeup really well

Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer

At the moment I am loving a bit of blusher.  Sometimes I crave to be as bronzed as possible but at the moment a nice subtle blush is my cup of tea!  I tend to rotate my blushers depending on my mood its usually between Benefit's Coralista and Nars Super Orgasm.  But my fave right now has to be NYC Chroma Face Glow as it really does glow which highlights my apples just lovely.  I have also been using a little dab of Benefit's Girl Meets Pearl just above my blusher on my apples and slightly along my cheekbone to add more dewniness and glow if I need it

NYC Chroma Face Glow

I fill in my eyebrows where they are a little sparse with No7 brow pencil and then line my upper eye with Lancome Le Crayon Khol Noir.   Now this is a pretty lame eyeliner really.. it smudges but not in a good way, and i find it comes off almost completely by lunch!  I am using it at the moment until I find an amazing pencil to replace it!!  Thickening my lashes at the moment is Bella Pierre's Lash Building mascara.  This was a product I received in a beauty box and being a fan of Bella Pierre products I immediately made room for it in my makeup bag. It is a fantastic mascara for everyday use and is just the right shade of black! One thing I don't do in my daily routine is curl my eyelashes.  Reason being is my lashes are actually pretty darn long and being blind as a bat I wear my specs everyday at work, so when curled my lashes stick to the lens and drive me absolutely mental!!!

Anatomicals Never Lose Your Cherry Fruity Balm
I don't tend to wear lipsticks as I have 2 freckles on my lips that can look so odd when I wear a lip colour, kind of like I am trying to cover them up or like I have pen on my lip!  So I stick to balms, my fave at the moment being Anatomicals Never Lose Your Cherry, its super hydrating and with its rosy tint looks lush too

So there is my every day makeup routine.. Phew looking at it it looks like a look of products for one little face!!

I would love to hear from more dewy skin lovers about the products you are loving.. Oh and recommendations for an amazing eyeliner pencil??!
L xx
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Friday, 25 May 2012

Strawberry Picking

This design was inspired by Minnie's nails you have to check out here
She has one of my most favourite blogs as not only are her designs amazing and immaculate but her blog is so cute and pictures really well taken.  Make sure you check it out!!

I wanted to try out the design myself as it is SO summery and cute!!!!
I used a Wet n Wild white for the base colour and Rimmels "Coralista" for the strawberries and moon shape!  I used a Models Own green for the leaves and then dotted a few spots of Topshops "Worlds End" 

Thank you Minnie for the inspiration!!
L xx

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Wednesday, 23 May 2012

May GlossyBox VS May JolieBox

I have just received both my May Beauty boxes so I wanted to share what I received this month, as I know I LOVE to know what everyone else got!




The first thing that stood out to me was the fact there is a Collection 2000 product in the box.  This is nothing against the brand as I have some fantastic polishes from their line, but this to me is not a luxury brand!  The product is the Lasting Colour Gel Eyeliner, I received the gold shade which actually turns out to be yellow which is terribly unflattering and I cannot imagine anyone would use this?!  At least if the liner was black it would be something I can at least try out and review.  The packaging advises this liner lasts for up to 12 hours.. I wouldn't want this on for more than 12 minutes

The second thing I pulled out my box was a set of False Lashes by Eldora!  Now I do love a lash I cant lie.. but I tend not to be able to wear them often as they brush against my glasses lens and I tend to wander round blind blinking obsessively and ultimately yanking the lashes off in rage!  However for a night out with no spectacles lashes are a winner.  The Eldora lashes do not look amazing to me though, the are glittery and very fake looking and long.. but we'll give them a go

I also received a full size Neal's Yard Remedies Re hydrating Rose Daily Moisture which is a lovely rich moisturiser and one I have seen and wanted to try. The product claims to nurture and replenish skin which everyone needs in a cream.. I will be reviewing this one for sure

The rest of the products in this months box were very underwhelming.  2 x half empty perfume samples for Lolita Lempicka which smell fine but sorry I can get those samples for free in my local department store. Meh.  Also a plastic quite scratched up mirror was included and a balloon :-/

Then a Noble Isle Summer Rising Bath & Shower Gel.. which just does not excite me in the slightest.  I once received this lovely foaming up gel wash stuff in fun pink packaging in a beauty box which is totally acceptable.  But just an average Molton Brown looking shower gel just does not look good on my bathroom shelf



EEKK China Glaze!!  What a fabulous full size product to receive in a beauty box.  The colour I received was "Up All Night" which is an absolutely gorgeous Dark Blue and I cant wait to try it out. China Glaze rocks!  If any of you haven't tried their nail polishes you are seriously missing out

An interesting product in this months box was a sample tube of Talika Paris Lipocils Expert which is basically an eyelash treatments.  The packaging advises that this product is for thin and sparse lashes.. Now I do have quite long lashes naturally which arent particularly thin and a coat of mascara usually does me day to day.  But I will give this a go and see if it makes any impact whatsoever!  I do think this is a brilliant product to receive in a beauty box though as its not something everyone would try without sampling first

I also received a sample size Essential Care Organic Rose Moisturiser.  I really like what the packaging says on this one.. "We have formulated this light textured moisturiser to capture the exceptional regenerative, toning and re hydrating benefits of organic roses and aloe juice"  It just all sounds so posh and refreshing!!  I think I will try this one as a versus against the Neals Yard and see which one is best!!

The RMK makeup base was the last product in my box.  I don't use a primer under my foundation, especially as I have been using my Chantecaille TM of late.  I know it seems to be against every beauty rule out there but I have used primers in the past and I just feel like my skin is loaded with product and grease.  I find my moisturiser is just fine for me right now unless I come across a primer that makes my skin look flawless!  As always though I will give this one a try when I am using my Estee Lauder Double wear to see what its like.

Overall I think its quite obvious that May's GlossyBox was pretty poor for me.  It lacked wow factor and actually quality too, which is disappointing as it was their anniversary box.  Even though the Jolie Box seemed far emptier than Glossy's, the quality and content was fantastic.  Jolie Box is becoming my firm favourite beauty box.. It will be interesting to see everyone elses reviews!
L xx
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Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Getting Lippy

Luscious lips was one thing I found hard to do before I attended my nail Master class!!  I think I have now perfected the art of the lip!

I couldn't decide which colours to do so I decide to use my pastel shades with a complementing brights and I am loving the result.. especially on this bright and sunny day!

L xx
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Monday, 21 May 2012

A Weekend of Learning

My weekend kicked off with the Nail Master class @ Becca London with the very lovely Katie Hughes!  I was actually so lucky as no one else had opted for the morning class so it was literately a 1-2-1 class which I think is definitely the best way to learn!

So I wanted to come away from the class having learnt a few tips and tricks for nail art but mainly just how I should properly be applying polish for that perfect "retouched looking" manicure.. and that is exactly how it went down!

I learnt that I apply nail polish totally wrong, the way I hold my brush just does not help when trying to get a flawless coat of polish.  Katie taught me exactly how I should be holding my brush and also the polish bottle which I will be practising day and night until I can basically paint with my eyes closed!!

Katie firstly painted my own nails to show the standard she would expect and boy they were just perfect!  She showed me how to file, shape, buff and the cuticle work involved, she also clean up any mistakes properly.  She then showed me a few nail art ideas and which tools she prefers for each design.  I have trouble doing hearts and lips and this is something I have definitely now mastered thanks to her skills!

I then painted her nails..  Compared to the amazingly pristine job she did on my talons mine was just shocking!  But as they say practise makes perfect!
(If you have instagram Katie has posted a few pics from our class if you would like to take a peek! Her insta name is katiejanehughes)

Katie used Butter London polishes in my class and I must say I am loving their shades and consistency of their polishes.  My fave has to be the Coral which I think is called "Jaffa" you can find it here.  Also their base coat is truly beautiful with a semi matte finish.

As almost a leaving present, Katie then added some fab tips to my nails which I am now head over heels for and don't ever want to take them off!!!  Check these bad boys out below..!

If you have a chance to get a class with Katie make sure you definitely take up the offer as not only did I learn a ton I also had great fun whilst doing it!
L xx

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Friday, 18 May 2012

How the Leopard Got His Spots..

Yayy I have finally been doing a little nail art!!  As you all know I love a splashing of leopard and this one literally is just a splash of it!

For the base colour I used my Konad white as its super white and super thick!  I am actually looking for a new white currently and struggling to find one that has a flawless finish.. any suggestions??

For the leopard spots I used my dotting tool dipped in a little Rimmel's "Coralicious" to make random splodges.  When these were dry I went around them with my black YSL Noir Due to create the spots.  I added random dots to make the leopard look more effective..  All this was topped off with a coat of Seche Vite - which I am running out of eeeeekk!

And that my friends is how the Leopard got his spots!!
L xx
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Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Becca London Nail Masterclass Excitement!

Hi guys and dolls!  I have been MIA for ages.. posting snippets here and there.. this is due to studying for my nail tech course and also the weather here is really not motivating me to create anything on my nails of late!! Wahh!

Anyhow I thought I would let you know about an exciting little class I am taking this coming Saturday 19th May.  I read about the class on Alice's blog Super Gorgeous and it looked like something I could really benefit from and also enjoy!!  Alice has some great pictures of her experience there so check that out if you're interested in going!

So the class is with Becca London and we are to be taught by Nail Goddess Katie Jane Hughes.  The aim of the class is to teach how to perfect the DIY manicure, how to make it look professional, nail art and nail trends.  Although this is something I already practice I think I will definitely benefit from a few tips and pointers and also some ideas for new nail art designs.  You also get a FREE Becca nail polish in a colour of your choice when attending!

The master classes run on Saturday 19th May at 10am-2pm or  3pm-7pm for £85. Email for more info.

Are any of your bloggerrettes attending?!
L xx

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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

And the Winner is...

So it took ages for us to pick a winner as the entries were so good!!  I didn't receive enough entries to hand out 2nd and 3rd prizes though this time so I will save those goodies for my next contest or giveaway..

We picked the winner based on creativity, what they were inspired by and how closely their design resembled their inspiration.

Congratulations Chantelle!!  You have won my blog contest!!
Your Aztec design was our absolute favourite!  We loved the inspiration used and the way you transferred this into a nail art design.  This is defo something that we would all love to be rocking on a night out!

I will be emailing you Chantelle so I can send you your prizes!! :)

Thank you so much for all your entries!  It was so fun receiving them and posting about them and most of all picking a winner!!!

L xx
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Thursday, 10 May 2012

A Last Contest Entry

I received this lovely entry but hadn't seen it in my inbox!! So a little late but here it is..

This entry is from Parisa at The Nail Movement who was inspired by a notebook cover (below)!
She used a dotting tool only for her freehand design

I think this is really cool and very original.. and I also love the notebook design too!  I love a colourful and flowery book cover!!

Well done and good luck Parisa!!

I will be announcing the winner in the next few days when we can decide which is our fave out of all of the great entries!!

L xx
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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Chantecaille.. Whats all the Rave?!

Chantecaille Just Skin.   This sh*t is expensive!!!  However I have read the reviews and am hearing the raves about it.. and being double the size of my usual foundation I am praying to the good lord that it is worth it!!

Also my current fave reality TV star Millie Mackintosh uses and raves about this stuff so it has to be amazing right?!!  If it makes me look half as radiant as her.. I'm sold!

So for you ladies that haven't heard of this product it is a tinted moisturiser that claims to be anti-smog (whatever this means!?)  providing excellent coverage, smooth lines, protects from the sun with SPF 15 resulting in a clean natural finish.  Recently my skin has been a lot better than it used to be so I'm thinking this summer *IF WE EVER BLOODY GET ONE* I am going to brave it with a light foundation or a TM
Could this be my baby????

Over the next few weeks I will be using this mysterious "wonder" product and will let you all know what I think!!
In the meantime has anyone got any good tips on application or any other opinion on the product??
L xx
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Friday, 4 May 2012

Another entry!!

This glittery one is from the lovely Natasja from Natasja Nails!

She was inspired by the sharks teeth from Finding Nemo!!
Very inventive and original and I am loving the added glitter!!

Good Luck!
L xx

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Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Sweet Treats

Sorry I have been a little pants on the blog posting at the moment as I am doing a nail tech course so its taking up a lot of my free time!!

Something that I am also working on at the moment is some Nail Art wheels for when I start offering my services out to the public!

I have been creating different wheels with different themes and this one is my fave so far!  I've called this one "Sweet Treats"

My fave  is the Jellybean nail!  It was so easy to do I just found some jellybean colours and a dotting tool and layered them over each other..

I also love the Neapolitan nail as I think the colours look good enough to eat!

Mm mm sweets anyone?!! 
L xx
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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

New Contest Entries!!!

This amazing entry is from the lovely Kelsie at Kelsie's Nail Files
She was inspired by a tank top she owns with a cute tribal design on the front!  I love the tribal look and this is something difficult to master.. you must have a steady hand!!

Kelsie used only nail art brushes and polish to freehand this design and I am really impressed!!!  Her photos are also really great quality!!

Amazing job Kelsie.. Good Luck!


Another entry I received is from Diary of a Single Girl!!  She was inspired by Zooey Deschanel's Spring French Manicure and has created her own with Topshop "Parma Violet" and Avon's "Aqua Fantasy" for the tips!

I love the Zooey Deschanel look and it works with like every colour!!!

Good luck to both of you!!!

Keep your entries coming kids!!
L xx

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