Thursday, 16 February 2012

GlossyBox Review.. Pt 2!

What did I think of Hybrids Skin Perfecting Primer??
I don't use primers in my day to day skincare, makeup regime.  I always see primer as an unnecessary step as I see moisturiser as my primer, doing exactly the same job.  I also tend to mix a little of "Girl Meets Pearl" by benefit with my moisturiser if I am looking for that dewy look.  But all that said.. I was quite impressed with this little bottle of dewiness!  It is quite a thin tinted liquid that you are instructed to put on after you have moisturised and before you apply your foundation.  I actually think this made my foundation last longer but also did give me that dewy look that women strive for.  I have quite dry skin so I don't worry too much about shine, but I think if you have shiny/oily skin this would be a grease overload for your skin
Overall a great product to try out and I am actually considering buying the full size

What did I think of  the FAB Gentle Body Wash??
So the bottle says this is a moisturising, irritant-free everyday cleanser ideal for even the most sensitive skin
My skin is quite sensitive and gets dried out easily by body washes.. so this one was a good one for me to try out!
I must say this stuff really lathered well and my skin felt really soft after using it for a few days in my morning shower.. I did still have to moisturise but if I was in a big rush I could have got away with skipping this!
The only negative I have on this body wash is that it literally smells of NOTHING!  I know I know, its for sensitive skin bla bla bla but a little natural flavouring wouldn't go a miss!!

What did I think of the Weleda One Step Cleanser & Tone??
The sample of this was pretty teeny... but I really liked this product!
This cleanser & toner duo contains Iris Root extract and Witch Hazel to help the skin to regulate its optimal balance between moisture and oil, as well as acting as a gentle astringent on the skin (that was so not on the packaging.. lol)
I really think this improved the appearance of my skin in the few days I used it and it made it feel really clean and fresh
Also this RRPs @ just under £10 which I think is really good for a decent cleanser with the added toner
Thumbs up Glossy
My next GlossyBox is out for dispatch tomorrow... eek can't wait!!  My friend has recently signed up too so I will get her reviews as well as my own for the next box!
L xx
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