Thursday, 23 August 2012


Paisley is something I have wanted to try for aaaaages now!  I keep seeing them on Insta and Pinterest and thinking WOW I need to get me some of that!!

Here is my version of the Paisley nail..

I love this colour combo so much and will defo be using it together again!!  For the base of my feature Paisley nails I used 2 coats of a simple Collection 2000 white.  Once this was mega dry I used my mini-liner brush from my new ASP brushes collection to add the detailing.  For the colours I used Revlon's Lilac Pastelle, YSL's Terriblement Noir and China Glaze's For Audrey

Its surprisingly quite easy to acheive the intricate looking Paisley design with the help of some good polish and a mini fine brush.  I literally looked up a little inspiration on the pattern on line and translated it to my nail

I cannot wait for my next Paisley nail and will defo be using a range of different colours and designs as well as attempting to do every one of my nails!!

Are you a Paisley fan??
L xx
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New Nail Art Tools

I have some amazing new brushes!!!  So I decided to dedicate a whole post to these bad boys, as before I purchased them I struggled to find any reviews on different nail art brushes.  I hope this post helps anyone in need of investing in some decent tools

I came across these ASP Nail Art Brushes brushes on a YouTube channel, and not only did they look beautiful but they seemed really great quality brushes

The set consists of a small square brush, a long striping brush, a liner brush and a mini-liner brush for extra fine work.  I gave all of the brushes a whirl last night and am completely in love with them!  They are def the best brushes I have used and cleaned up really well also.  The mini-liner brush has to be my favourite as you can really get those little details in there without messing up

You can find the brushes on ASPs site here and they are available in Sallys for all you discount card holders
L xx
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Friday, 17 August 2012

Redken Miracle Worker

Some may say I am rather lucky as I have super thick long hair.. Those people don't realise how long it takes to try the damn barnet!!  To make my life easier of late I have been using a bit of a wonder product, Redken's Satinwear 02 Ultimate Blow Dry Lotion

The aim of this product is to help achieve a stress, frizz free blow dry whilst protecting and drying hair faster
I use approx 2 pumps of the lotion in towel dried hair and carry on with my usual blow drying routine

I cannot thank Redken enough for this miracle worker!!  Drying my hair used to be the most stressful part of my day due to it being SO long and thick..  Now my drying time has been significantly reduced and my hair is no longer dry and frizzy but voluminous and sleek.  I also think this helps with split ends due to the protection element of the lotion.  This stuff also lasts sooooo long.. I have had mine approx 3 months now and its still over half full

Redken Satinwear is a must have for ladies with thick hair that is blow dried on a regular basis. My hair is naturally curly and I rarely have to use my straighteners for touch ups.  The cheapest I could find this was here which is a bit of a saving on what I originally paid 3 months ago

L xx
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Friday, 10 August 2012


I am ADDICTED to instagram!  I totally love it!  I love to post my own pictures but I mostly love looking at other peoples wacky instaworlds!  I’ve seen a lot of bloggers recently start doing posts with their recent instahappnin’s so I am joining the band and here is my week in an insta!

OH if you want to follow me on INstagram my username is lucieannelocket

Weirdest film ever. Best quote. I'm going to Paris. Lentil Curls. Adorable niece. Nail fun. Barbies. Nando wings. BIG watch. Aztec. Real Greek mezze. Feta avocado salad. 5 facts

L xx
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I heart tape!!

I have found my new fave nail art tool... STRIPING TAPE!!  I love this stuff!!  I think I will be doing a heap load of new manis with it, its just so fab!

So I got my tape from EBay.. 10 rolls of different colours for £1 - bargain alert!!

For my first go with striping tape I decided to keep it really simple and just go for plain horizontal stripes

For my base colour I used Revlon Blue Lagoon which is a lush baby pastel blue which applies totally opaque with 2 thin coats.  I used a simple Collection 2000 white for my pinky finger to spice the mani up a little more.

I went for the gold tape as I think this compliments the blue and the white brilliantly.  Now for ease of use i would rate this tape a 10/10, I didn't get myself in any sort of tangled mess.. didn't smudge my polish.. nada!  You simple place the tape where you want it snip the edges and voilà!  I used 2 coats of Seche Vite over the top once I had done my stripes and this held the tape in place overnight.  However this morning I have noticed the sides have peeled off the nail slightly which I expected, so I will use a dab of glue next time to ensure this problem is eliminated!

I would love some ideas for my next mani using string tape pleaseee!!!!
L xx

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