Monday, 5 March 2012

Tell Me About It.. STUD!

This weekend I went stud crazy to a family party! I bought a last minute dress from Zara and did some very last minute nails to match!

For the base colour I used my YSL duo in "Noir".  This colour is a dream.. it it so opaque you can get away with just one coat if you're in a rush!  (I used 2 coats as I had some time)

The studs I picked up on EBay yonks ago for like 99p for about 100!!  I stuck them on with a teeny bit of nail glue and finished all my nails off with a thick coat of Seche Vite

So so simple but so chic!  Lovin' the studs!
L xx
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  1. I love how simple it is, but it's so pretty!

  2. Lurve the edginess of this!!! Need to get my hands on some studs.

  3. You put it perfectly. SImple and chic. I love it :) I keep seeing stud manis and now I think I'm going to have to get studs.


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