Friday, 23 March 2012

RIP Feel Unique Beauty Box!

Some pants news for you guys! have cancelled their monthly beauty box!  I for one am so dissapointed as they were fast becoming a great box and I actually preffered them over the GlossyBoxes of late!

FeelUnique have released the attached email..

"As a valued customer, I wanted to be the first to let you know that we’ve taken the decision to close our Beauty Box service.

"At we pride ourselves on delivering exceptionally high standards of value, service and quality and we're constantly reviewing the way we do things.

"Each month we've been listening and taking onboard all of your comments and ideas. We understand that like us, you love beauty and trying new things and it's with this in mind that we believe there's a better way of delivering a bespoke, high quality sampling service based on your individual needs. For this reason, we will be closing Beauty Box indefinitely as of this month.

"We realise this may come as a surprise and not without disappointment, but we would like to reassure you that we're working hard on perfecting our new and improved service which we are planning on launching in the coming months."

Well FeelUnique I hope you come back soon!!
Any reccommendations on which other beauty box to subscribe to?  I'm thinking Jolie Box or maybe Carmine? Thoughts?!
L xx
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  1. I am actually very angry about that. I was going to subscribe to Feel Unique after seeing so many great reviews. Products were great.

    My favourite is Joliebox :) x

  2. I had the new amitee uk box last month and loved it plus she said beauty was good this month.

    Amitee is aimed at women of colour, which I'm not and some of the hair products were clearly for them but suited me anyway. skin/hair care last month, not sure what it'll be this month. You need an invite to try it but I've got a spare if you are interested.
    SSB appear to be more make-up driven and perhaps not high end products.

  3. Thanks so much for the comments! I will check out both boxes! I have now signed up for Jolie Box so will see how that is this month! I love these little beauty treats! :)


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