Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Leopard Grrrr'adient

Morning kids!!  I have had the worst flu EVER this last week so I hadn't painted my nails at all and i was having terrible withdrawals!  So I decided I needed something bright and wacky on my talons for this coming week ahead to cheer myself up!

The leopard gradient was born!

For the gradient I firstly painted my nails with a plain white polish and let this fully dry.  Next I used a make-up sponge dipped in both colours and literally dabbed onto my nail until the desired blend was achieved
The pink is Nicki Minaj for OPI Pink Friday and the purple is Revlon's Lilac (a current favourite colour of mine!)

I almost just left my nails at the gradient level.. but i had to take it a step further and add something a little extra, so I got out my new ASP Nail Art Brushes and added some leopard print with my YSL Noir Terriblement and Rimmel Peppermint 

I am really loving the gradient look at the moment.. are you??!
L xx
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