Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Embellished Collar DIY

I have been feeling mega creative at the moment.. I think its due to my addiction with Pinterest and all the amazing ideas I find on there, I feel like I must put them all into action immediately!
I have always been into embellishing and altering my own clothes so this little project was a definite must-do on my list
I really love all the pretty collars I have been seeing in the shops lately and it is so so easy and lets not forget CHEAP to create your own - AND its even rather fun!!
 You will need the following:
Your collared top/shirt (mine was a plain white sleeveless shirt £10 from River Island)
Needle and thread
Varius beads in different sizes (mine were all from Ebay for £1 a bag!)
The best way to plan where you want your beads to go is to place them where you think they will look good and take a photo so you remember where to sew them.  You want both sides of your collar to look symmetrical and even with the beads
Make sure you sew each bead on tight as they will obviously go through the washing machine and you don't want them to be falling off!
Here is my finished collar!
I hope this has inspired you to embellish your clothes.. it is honestly so fun and I have been asked so many times already where my super cool pearly top is from!!
L xx
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