Monday, 15 October 2012

The Body Shop Beautifying Oil

This little beaut of a product was introduced to me by my equally cosmetic obsessed friend who reads my blog *Hi Nat*!!!  I knew if she loved The Body Shops Beautifying oil then I would too.. and I wasn't wrong!
This multipurpose dry oil can be used on body, face and hair but I have only tried it on my body so far.  I use it on damp-just showered skin instead of mousturising and my skin has never looked or felt better!  This oil dries in really quickly, doesnt feel slippy or sticky and smells absolutely incredible!  The scent I chose is Coconut which smells just like holidays and the fragrance stays on my skin all day, perfect for these sunless wintery days ahead of us!
The Body Shop Beautifying Oil is available for £9 here
Thanks for recommending this Nat :)
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  1. I'm thinking for quite some time to take this oil as I adore oils in any form, especially if it comes with a coconut smell, I'm such a sucker!:D
    Very pretty blog you have!;)

    1. Definitely get it if you love coconut smells!! This stuff is gorgeous!!
      Thank you for your comment :) xx


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