Thursday, 4 October 2012

Veet Easy Wax Electrical Roll-On Kit *Brave* Review

I am a wax girl.  I have dark dark thick crap hair which will only be de-fuzzed by being ripped and plucked out monthly.  However I cannot stand going to a salon to get my legs waxed!  The main reason being its just the most uncomfortable process from start to finish.. Not so much the pain but the awkward conversation with the therapist and the whole trying to get your skinny jeans back on post-waxing because you forgot to wear something loose! - I don't have anything loose!!!
So an at-home waxing system is really for me and I have been trying out all sorts in the last few years with no success so far.
I have just received the Veet Easy Wax Electrical Roll-On Kit and this looks unlike any other home wax I have used before!  No microwave needed and no ugly yellowy messy wax

Sorry for the ad picture but it was too dark last night for one of my own!!

So I finished waxing my legs and boy it takes some bravery to pull that strip off!!  At least in a salon you don't have a chance to hesitate as someone else is pulling it off for you!
Saying that, you get used to the pain very quickly and the results are brilliant for a home kit!  My legs feel smooth and hair free - I had to tweeze a few stubborn shorter hairs out but then my salon usually does that also.  The wax removal wipes are surprisingly good also!  Really oily to get rid of excess wax but they helped the wax rash go down very quickly and soothed my skin

Cons of the kit is that 12 wax strips is no where near enough!!  Luckily I had a pack of unused strips in my drawer to use or I would have had one smooth pin and the other like a monster!  Also the wax takes around 45 minutes to heat up and not the recommended 20 minutes which is really bad of the company to advertise, however I wasn't worried about having to wait as I was faffing around anyhow

You can purchase the kit for £29.99 here and the refills for £9.99 here.  I would also recommend purchasing extra strips here for £3.49.  The refills are enough for up to 4 full leg waxes and considering I spend approx £325 a year getting my legs waxed at a salon this is an excellent price and a huge saving!

Have I finally found the answer to my de-fuzzing dreams?!  I hope so!  I will defo try this again when I see some regrowth as I always like to try things out a good few times before firmly deciding that I love it

Who else has given this kit a go? What did you think??

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  1. I swear my mum used this years ago, an older version obviously, so I've been wonderstruck when this popped up from nowhere but as far as I can remember it did work fine back then and I'd definitely give it a try! Curious about how you'll get along with it in the future :) xx

    1. Thats funny as my mum actually said she swears she used to use something very similar!! Give it a go it is honestly pretty brilliant! x

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