Monday, 8 October 2012

Me Me Me Cosmetics Flawless Loose Powder

I recently ran out of my usual Bella Pierre Mineral Pressed Powder and desperately needed something to set my foundation and give it some more staying power.  Instead of forking out the hefty price of a new Bella Pierre replacement I decided to try out a translucent powder from Me Me Me Cosmetics

What the packaging says..  "Micro-fine translucent loose powder with light-diffusing pigment & 'Mica Excel' to matify your complexion & create a flawless soft focus effect finish"
Now I have googled this 'Mica Excel' thingy-majiggy and cannot find an explanation for what the jeff that is anywhere?!  Can anyone shed any light??
Saying that however I am impressed with the powder as it does exactly what it says on the tin.  It does matify my complexion to give my skin a really nice soft finish, without making my foundation cakey or adapting the colour in any way.  Staying power is good, maybe not as good as Bella Pierre but for the price of this powder £5.99 you really are getting more than a good deal!

Have you tried any Me Me Me products?

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  1. Haven't tried any 'Me Me Me' products yet but this one sounds very good!

    1. Yes it is! Give them a go they are very reasonable priced products!

      Wow you have beautiful hair!


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