Monday, 16 April 2012

Vintage Wedding Nails

My big sister is director of an events company  (you can find her blog here) and on Sunday she was advertising at a Vintage Wedding Fare

The flowers in the candlestick holder was all made by her!! She is fabulous huh!?  She wanted some nails to match her vintage flower theme so I used the rose idea for her nails

For the base colour I used a custom Jessica nail polish with no name!! This is a really pearly light pink which is gorgeous but takes a longggg time to dry!

For the roses I used Revlon "Classy" and Wet n Wild White mixed with a dotting tool and for the leaves I used Rimmel Professional Finish in "Peppermint"

I also added tiny pale yellow dots of polish and tiny half pearls to tie the colours in with my sisters flowers and theme

I am a huge fan on vintage and I think I will be experimenting with more vintage themed nail art!
L xx
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  1. I love how delicate and sweet these nails are! They are gorgeous!

  2. Very pretty!! The roses are really cute!

  3. Very pretty colors, I've done vintage flower nail before and they always look so fun!


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