Friday, 13 April 2012

One Lovely Blog Award!!

Ahhhh you guys are too cute!  I received this award today from Anna at Anna's Dope Blog!

I am totally flattered and again really chuffed that people are reading my blog and enjoying my nail art!

The rules of the award are to let readers know 7 facts about yourself and to award 15 other bloggers.. I don't want to just pick anyone so I will award some peeps when I have more time :)

7 Facts About Me:
I hate fridges.  I dislike the smell and am often scared to open one in case there is smelly food in there!! Ew.

My absolute favourite movie is Titanic, i have probably watched it over 50 times and once more last Friday in 3D.  I will never let go..

My eyes are different shades of blue.. kind of like a funky cat

Spaghetti Bolegnese makes me physically sick, I cannot stand to be around it!! People cannot fathom this as apparently its most people's firm favourite dish. losers

I have a freckle on my nose called Claire.

I am a little OCD when it comes to shopping for things.  I cannot pick the thing at the front of a shelf or the thing I have first touched, and I simply won't buy it if it is the last one - for fear of contamination!!!

I am addicted to other peoples blogs.  I feel like have actually become a stalker with some people.. I just LOVE their lives!!!!

L xx

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