Wednesday, 11 April 2012

The Nail Art Trend

I am a massive fan of Look Magazine and I never miss an issue!!  As much as I would love to afford the clobber in Grazia and Vogue.. I can't.  Look is full of affordable fashion and cosmetics and shows you you don't have to spend a fortune to look hot!!

As much as I love clothes my fave pages are the beauty tips, reviews and hair ideas and this weeks issue did not disappoint!  A full 5 pages of Nail Art!!!!!

The first couple of pages were about nail wraps - I am not a fan of wraps I just can't get on with the application, but one of the designs really caught my eye and I think this is something I could copy by hand

My fave page was "Catwalk Match Manicures" which was all freehand nail art copying the latest trends on the 2012 catwalk.. Love it!!

I will most definitely a billion percent be trying these designs out myself and I will post as soon as I have had a go!!
Will anyone else be trying out these 2012 Catwalk designs??
L xx
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  1. These designs give me inspiration!
    I think I'll paint my nails today again.
    I especially like the Deep-Sea Diving.
    But all are beautiful! :)

  2. The deep sea diving is my fave as well!!! Let me know if you try any out, I would love to see! :)

  3. Urrgh, I try the sea diving. Looks terrible! Hahaha.
    But the sponge is a good idea - you can do many things with it, especially color transitions. I've did one from blue to turquoise. Looks not that bad :D

    1. Oh dear keep practicing ;-) I have used sponging lots and it is so effective and fun you just have to find the right colours and consistency of polish!!

    2. Yeah, I will :)
      Yees, the consistency was a problem :D


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