Thursday, 12 April 2012

Hot Tools Hair Curlers

Just a quick hair tong related question!!

Any of you USA, Canada girlie's use Hot Tools curling tongs??

These seem to be totally unavailable to buy anywhere in the UK and its driving me crazy!?  Does anyone know of anywhere in the UK I can buy them.. if anyone is selling them.. or an great US site that doesn't charge £35 for shipping?!

Any help would be just fabulous!!
L xx
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  1. sorry, I'm from Germany. ;D

    But I wanted to say, that my Blog have a new name and a new URL now. I was Sungoes Photography, but now I'm Acuité.
    You can still find me on your dashboard, but my recent posts are no longer displayed.
    So you have to follow me again if you want to see my new posts! ♥


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