Thursday, 15 November 2012

Eyeko Skinny Mini Duo

Remember those nights when you were young when every time you went on a night out you would return home with the entire contents of your bag missing.. Well I seem to be doing that a lot recently!  Ok so i'm not losing everything but I have been losing my beloved makeup!!  I lost my liquid eyeliner whilst on an outing to Crazy Bear in Fitzrovia and I have been eyeliner free for a week now and I hate it!!
I decided to try out a new liner instead of repurchasing my usual L'Oreal Superliner and I had my beady little eye on one from Eyeko.  I hadn't heard of Eyeko before until I got a hideous metre long eye pencil in a Glossy or Jolie box which was very quickly given away due to the size and colour of it!  However I had seen a couple of reviews on their liquid liner and mascara and luckily for me ASOS had a limited addition Eyeko Skinny Mini Travel-Sized Duo ready and waiting for me to buy!
Firstly the eyeliner is gorgeous! Its very similar to the Penultimate Eyeliner by MAC in that it is a liquid pen style liner which is so easy to apply especially if are a bit of a novice with the application of eyeliner - it can be daunting!  This Eyeko pen is full of black pigment which dries to a satin finish, not too matte and not too glossy.
I think this is my new fave liner!
Now the mascara for me was actually the main event in this duo.. its bloody brilliant!  The brush really grabs each and every lash creating really black long fluttery eyelashes that I can only ever achieve using fakes!  Honestly I'm not exagerating this stuff is great!  Again its really pigmented, has a nice thick waxy consistency and doesn't crumble off onto my face at all.  Only down side is that its really quite tough to remove at the end of your day.  Even my fave Liz Earle doesn't budge this mascara 100% so I have found that I need to rub at my eyes a bit with some Bioderma Crealine after my cleansing routine to fully remove any leftovers
I puchased my Eyeko Skinny Mini Duo here for £14.  They are travel sized versions but they are really reasonable sizes and will last me a good few months!
Have you tried any Eyeko products??

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  1. Ooh I was pretty sure this mascara is crap just from looking at the picture :D The brush looks so funny I probs made a hasty judgement. I'd love to try it, haven't tried anything from Eyeko yet :) xx

    1. Honestly its really great!! It does look very different from the usual mascaras we are used to but its worth a try!! x

  2. Trying this mascara has been on my wish list for a while now. Good to hear its worth a go:)
    Sara xx

  3. Would love to try this set! Never tried Eyeko products before but both the eyeliner and mascara look very promising :)

  4. This mini art is def your best bet as its good value and the right size! I love them both! Xx

  5. i've never tried their products before, they do look good though!

    from helen at // @thelovecatsinc

    ps. enter my new giveaway to win some xmas goodies from lush! click here!

    1. They are really great! Love the giveaway :) x

  6. Ive never tried these but I think I'll try the liner, always on the look out for new liners! xox

    My Blog : The Style Khaleesi

    1. So am I.. I get bored easily :) Its a really nice liner though! x

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