Monday, 11 June 2012

Blurred Fleurs

Firstly I have been shocking at blogging this past week due to just having the bank holidays, Jubilee and recovering from such events!!! Sorry to all my lovely followers.. (nearly @ 100 might I add!)

So these little bad boys are currently gracing my nails!

I followed a tutorial I saw on The Beauty Department to create "faded florals" and I must say I am in love.
It definitely creates the more vintage look I adore whilst still being cute and fun!

Give the tutorial a go as its fabulous!!
L xx
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  1. these look lovely, not sure my hand is steady enough to pull this off though! x

    1. Honestly you don't need a steady hand for this one!! Give it a go :)

  2. Beautiful! I love how you used a mix of pink and blue flowers to mix it up a bit :)


    1. Thank you!! Guildford is just down the road from me :)

  3. These are on my to-do list. I like that its not neat and it doesn't matter if they're messy.
    Gets me excited for summer!

    Daisie x

    1. Exactly that!! They are super easy.. and have lasted me all week :) yay!!
      Cool blog btw.. i am following! x


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