Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Recent Buys

So I thought I would share a few of my recent buys as most of them are beauty related!

I was desperate for some new bags to store all my make-up and minis (collected from various beauty boxes).  I don't need anything permanent or even expensive as living at my bfs house my cosmetics have to be stored away in a big drawer!  So convenience is really all I require for now.  These lovely little bags are all from none other than Primark for a couple of £'s each and I am really pleased with them!  See through bags are great as you can see exactly what's in them but i like how there is a pretty girly design on one side.  Super cute.

The thin blue bag is for my handbag to store my make-up/nail goodies I may need in emergency's!  I love the pattern on this bag (would make a fab nail design) and I believe it was only £1!


Something I have been wanting to try for ages is the Real Techniques stippling foundation brush.  I usually use my fingers for my foundation and I have never had problem with that but I do love to try new things and techniques so I wanted to give using a brush a go.  I must say after 2 days of using this brush I absolutely friggen love it!!  No shedding whatsoever and my foundation has never looked so flawless.  Am I converted???!

So last on my wish list was the Bioderma Crealine.  This is a product I read endless reviews on, umming and ahhing over whether I really need this product in my life and if it will be good for my skin type.  After about a year of procrastination I have decided to bite the bullet and by the mini version to try it out! I received this 2 weeks ago and have already used half the bottle!  I defo need to purchase the larger version!! Review on its way me thinks.

I hope you've enjoyed seeing what I have been spending the pennies on recently.  Would love to know what you guys are splurging on or any bargains you have pocketed??!
L xx
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