Tuesday, 19 June 2012

June GlossyBox

Here we go again... another month.. another beauty box!!

So to be honest this months box was really going to be the decider for me, whether I stayed signed up to GlossyBox or not.  I must say although upon first opening of my box it looked a little emtpy.. the actual products are all rather good!  The theme for the June box is Sexy Summer Style and here are the products I received...


The first thing I noticed being a nail freak was the Me Me Me Nail Gloss in a lovely peach colour!  I havent tried any of Me Me Me's products and I love the on trend colour so this one is spot on for me!!  It also looks like it finishes super shiny which is good.  I can't wait to give it a go..

I then noticed a very plain looking pot of dust.. so to speak!  This pot of mysterious powder is actually BM Beauty's Summer Warmth Bronzer which is another first for me but also another winner as anyone who knows me knows I love a bit of tannage!  Will definately be trying this out tomorrow!  The only complaint on this product is the pot.. it will be tough getting the right amount out of the cheap pot as there is no filter or anything.. it could get messy!

Next was Vichy's Dermablend Ultra-Corrective Foundation Cream..  Again another first and a very exciting brand to receive after all the hype it has received!!  I am one of thousands who watched the tattoo dude get covered in this stuff and look completely flawless and I must say it impressed me!  I like how this comes in different shade samples so you can mix to your exact skin tone.  Another one I may have to try out tomorrow!

 Last product in my box was a sample of Caudalie Eaux Fraiches perfume.  I'm a fussy perfume wearer/buyer and this describes itself as floral which usually puts me off even trying it.  However I squirted a little on the back of my hand and after a little time its quite lush!


OH one last thing I forgot about... I received a REALLY crappy makeup brush which Glossy are calling the Serie Exclusive Pro Beauty Brush and apparently retail it at £15.  Wow.  Its probably the worst brush I have ever felt... its made of goats hair and it smells like a farm yard!!!!  Sorry Glossybox but the only place for this brush is the bin!!!

So what do I think overall this month???
I think I am pretty happy with the products I received.  I will say that I am dissapointed in no full size products included in June and obviously the terrible brush was just vile.. BUT I will not be unsubscribing as I know I will use all of the products in this box which I can rarely say about any beauty box to be honest

Good Job GB!
L xx

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