Saturday, 30 March 2013

Pins of the Week

No I won't be posting my fave pair of legs for the week (although that could be kind of fun), I have decided to start posting about my favourite pins on Pinterest!

For those who haven't joined Pinterest yet or may not even know what it is, you need to join immediately   You can basically create as many boards as you like to pin different photos, links, videos for inspiration and ideas.  I am totally addicted to it and usually spend hours browsing people's boards ranging from food and drink to home decor or fashion.

Here are some pins I have been loving this week!
Love the idea of these lashes, almost like individual ones but in 3's to stop them going a million different directions but to look more real than a whole strip!

Anna Campbell Bridal Collection

The back of this dress is ridiculously beautiful!!!! I would certainly have this if I was walking down the aisle!

I am 100% making these to keep my odds and sods in!  So easy but so chic and effective!!

No link for this pin but this looks super easy to do and looks FAB!  Tempted to do this to all of my jeans!!

Recipes are amazeballs on Pinterest and this one is no exception, I actually made these as a side dish for dinner last Sunday!! YUMMY and healthy!

If you want to follow me on Pinterest you can find me here.. Leave me your Pinterest links below so I can follow your boards!!!

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