Wednesday, 27 March 2013

My Fave Bloggers/Vloggers

Cupcakes & Cashmere - Emily's blog is the first blog I ever read and I fell head over heels in love with it.  She talks about fashion, beauty and lifestyle and I am often found drooling over her yummy recipes or ultra classy style!  Her blog is so successful that she has her own book out, she also had a range of Coach bags made (too cool),  I aspire to be as great as her!

Hannah Maggs - A little Beauty Spot - I have been following Hannah's blog for only a month and I don't know how I hadn't come across it before as its fab! A Little Beauty Spot is mainly about beauty but with a few lifestyle posts thrown in and a couple of personal ones too which I always love to see on a blog.  Shes SUPER sweet and lovely and her posts always feel so heartfelt and genuine.. I feel like I know her(in a non-creepy way!!)  If you don't read it already.. go and read it!!!

Dizzy Brunette - Corrie has the  No matter how many times I try my hair never looks as super shiny and bouncy as hers!!!  Not only is her hair fabulous but her blog is as well.  A mix of beauty and fashion as well as a few vlogs, I never fail to miss a post.  She also loves Cheryl Cole so I feel we share that bond ;-)

Amy Antoinette - Amy has the prettiest blog I have ever seen! Its super girly, sweet and simple and its a joy to read!  I am SO jealous of her shabby chic home decor its unreal!  Definitely check Amy's blog out if you're a girly girl and you like nice things!!! Everyone then.

Adventures of a Mum  - Lara is a friend of mine and is super lovely and SUPER excited about having her first baby is just a few short weeks time!  She has just literally started up her blog but I am loving it already! If you are expecting, already a mum or just love discovering new blogs then check out this Yummy Mummy's corner of the Internet

Tanya Burr - This woman is a goddess.  Her makeup tutorials are my fave ever thing to watch!  I love trying to recreate them (usually failing) but I have got so many great tips from her expert advice on applying makeup.  Her personality is what shines through the most in her videos though, shes so bubbly and cheerful it makes my day a little more "sunshiney"!!  Here is one of my fave tutorials from Tanya

Zoella - When I am not browsing Tanya's vids you will find me over on Zoe's channel!  She is super funny, her videos have me in stitches!!  She makes videos on lifestyle, beauty and sometimes really quite random things but I love each and everyone, shes so fun to watch. Here is one of my fave vids from Zoe 


Lauren Beautyy - Australian Lauren is a makeup artist for Bobbi Brown and she does amazing tutorials!!  She uses such a different range of products and she makes her skin look so flawless!  Her videos are well worth watching if you want to perfect the way you apply your makeup!!
My fave video from Lauren here

MissGlamorazzi - Ingrid makes me smile!  There is something about her and her videos that just make me feel happy!  She posts about a range of things from beauty to DIY, to what to wear on a date or to a festival. If you don't follow Ingrids channel then I suggest you do, immediately!
Here is one of my fave vids from Miss Glamorazzi

I would love to know who your favourite bloggers are!!?

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  1. Great post, I already read/watch post of these but it's a great way to find new blogs/YTers :)

    1. Thank you :) I love reading other peoples fave lists to discover new blogs! x


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