Monday, 21 January 2013

Birch Box Jan 2013: Fresh Sugar Rosé Lip Treatment


Birchbox is here!  I love new things, I get bored pretty easily so Jolie Box changing to Birch Box was a welcome change for me!  I was super excited when a highlight pink box arrived on my desk last week, I literally ripped it open in eager anticipation!
So as usual I'm not going to jump in and review every product as I won't try them all right away.. but one thing I did immediately use upon opening was the Fresh Sugar Rose Lip Treatment
This tinted lip balm is totally cute!  I am in love with the packaging, pink, pretty and teeny tiny, perfect for my handbag
The treatment contains blackcurrant oil, antioxidant grape seed and vitamins A, C and E which explains why is SO hydrating and yummy! 
The balm also contains SPF 15 to shield your sensitive lips from sun damage.
As soon as I touched this to my lips I knew I was going to adore it.  The colour is perfect for me, just a subtle hint of coral red to enhance your lips and the texture is so so smooth.  My usually dry lips felt instantly moisturised
Fresh Sugar Rosé Lip Treatment is VERY pricey for a lip balm at £25 but I am a billion percent repurchasing this when my sample runs out as I totally love it!
Have you tried your Fresh Sugar Rosé Lip Treatment yet??

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  1. My Birchbox hasn't arrived yet :( but I am so looking forward to trying out this lip balm, it looks gorgeous and isn't something I'd have otherwise gotten to try due to the price! x

    Angelica [One Little Vice]

    1. Oh!! I hope it arrives soon! I love it and I am the same - i would never have bought it due to the cost but now I adore it! x

  2. yay for fresh sugar lip treatment... this is my favorite chapstick/lipbalm ever! i swear by it and can never leave the house without it :)

    rachel x

    1. Its such a lovely balm isn't it! I don't ever want to run out!!



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