Monday, 14 January 2013

Korres Lip Butter

Korres Lip Butters were a blogger favourite in 2012 and I loved them as much as everyone else but for some reason never blogged about them!

The only shade I have tried and keep repurchasing is Jasmine, a light nude beige toned pink, which is a really wearable colour perfect for everyday use

The formula of Korres Lip Butter is beautiful!! Its incredibly moisturising  feels smooth and not sticky and looks really lovely on your lips!  Just a sheen hint of colour here but that's what I like most about it most I think!   You can also wear a lipstick underneath and use this Jasmine shade on top to make your own unique shade!

I suffer from dry lips all the time and I don't expect miracles with lip butters and balms as its just my skin type in that area but this 100% helps my situation and does soften the usually dry skin on my lips all day

It also smells so yummy!  As you know I love sweet sickly scents and this is definitely one of those! It also tastes great which is important seeing as you tend to end up eating lip products slightly don't you!

I purchase my little pot of pink good'ness for £6.30 for 6g of product from Feel Unique.  This is the cheapest I can find it as they do free delivery.  Pricey for a lip balm but you really are paying for a great product!

Do you use Korres Lip Butters?

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