Friday, 10 August 2012

I heart tape!!

I have found my new fave nail art tool... STRIPING TAPE!!  I love this stuff!!  I think I will be doing a heap load of new manis with it, its just so fab!

So I got my tape from EBay.. 10 rolls of different colours for £1 - bargain alert!!

For my first go with striping tape I decided to keep it really simple and just go for plain horizontal stripes

For my base colour I used Revlon Blue Lagoon which is a lush baby pastel blue which applies totally opaque with 2 thin coats.  I used a simple Collection 2000 white for my pinky finger to spice the mani up a little more.

I went for the gold tape as I think this compliments the blue and the white brilliantly.  Now for ease of use i would rate this tape a 10/10, I didn't get myself in any sort of tangled mess.. didn't smudge my polish.. nada!  You simple place the tape where you want it snip the edges and voilà!  I used 2 coats of Seche Vite over the top once I had done my stripes and this held the tape in place overnight.  However this morning I have noticed the sides have peeled off the nail slightly which I expected, so I will use a dab of glue next time to ensure this problem is eliminated!

I would love some ideas for my next mani using string tape pleaseee!!!!
L xx

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  1. Love the colours you chose hun, think I may do this nail look this weekend:) xx


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