Thursday, 23 August 2012

New Nail Art Tools

I have some amazing new brushes!!!  So I decided to dedicate a whole post to these bad boys, as before I purchased them I struggled to find any reviews on different nail art brushes.  I hope this post helps anyone in need of investing in some decent tools

I came across these ASP Nail Art Brushes brushes on a YouTube channel, and not only did they look beautiful but they seemed really great quality brushes

The set consists of a small square brush, a long striping brush, a liner brush and a mini-liner brush for extra fine work.  I gave all of the brushes a whirl last night and am completely in love with them!  They are def the best brushes I have used and cleaned up really well also.  The mini-liner brush has to be my favourite as you can really get those little details in there without messing up

You can find the brushes on ASPs site here and they are available in Sallys for all you discount card holders
L xx
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