Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Chantecaille.. Whats all the Rave?!

Chantecaille Just Skin.   This sh*t is expensive!!!  However I have read the reviews and am hearing the raves about it.. and being double the size of my usual foundation I am praying to the good lord that it is worth it!!

Also my current fave reality TV star Millie Mackintosh uses and raves about this stuff so it has to be amazing right?!!  If it makes me look half as radiant as her.. I'm sold!

So for you ladies that haven't heard of this product it is a tinted moisturiser that claims to be anti-smog (whatever this means!?)  providing excellent coverage, smooth lines, protects from the sun with SPF 15 resulting in a clean natural finish.  Recently my skin has been a lot better than it used to be so I'm thinking this summer *IF WE EVER BLOODY GET ONE* I am going to brave it with a light foundation or a TM
Could this be my baby????

Over the next few weeks I will be using this mysterious "wonder" product and will let you all know what I think!!
In the meantime has anyone got any good tips on application or any other opinion on the product??
L xx
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