Tuesday, 15 May 2012

And the Winner is...

So it took ages for us to pick a winner as the entries were so good!!  I didn't receive enough entries to hand out 2nd and 3rd prizes though this time so I will save those goodies for my next contest or giveaway..

We picked the winner based on creativity, what they were inspired by and how closely their design resembled their inspiration.

Congratulations Chantelle!!  You have won my blog contest!!
Your Aztec design was our absolute favourite!  We loved the inspiration used and the way you transferred this into a nail art design.  This is defo something that we would all love to be rocking on a night out!

I will be emailing you Chantelle so I can send you your prizes!! :)

Thank you so much for all your entries!  It was so fun receiving them and posting about them and most of all picking a winner!!!

L xx
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  1. the nails look amazing! xx


  2. Congrats!! These are amazing, well deserved! :) And thanks for hosting this contest Lucie! :)

  3. wow!! thsnk you lucie!! just seen this!! So nice to see that people like my nail art!! great contest, and there were some amazing entries :) this has defo started my sunday with a smile :) xx


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