Saturday, 23 February 2013

My 11p Beauty Secret

This might be really weird but I thoroughly enjoy cleaning my make up brushes.  Don't get me wrong I don't do it nearly enough (I know you should really wash them after every use if possible but who on earth has the time to do that?!) but when I do get the chance to wash them I find it kind of therapeutic!?

Anyhowwww...  So I have been through copious amounts of MAC's stupidly expensive brush cleaner in the past and I've tried a slightly cheaper version from EBay before, but then I came across a comment on Pinterest which advised that baby shampoo was by far the best product to clean your make up brushes with

So my 11p beauty secret is this little bad boy from my local Morrison's supermarket!!!  You can find cheap baby shampoo in every single supermarket or drugstore and it really works a treat

To clean my brushes I run my tap at a lukewarm temperature and squirt a generous amount of baby shampoo into my hand.  I then take my dirty make up brush and swirl it around in the shampoo so its completely coated and simply rinse it under the water.  I keep repeating this until the water runs completely clear and my brushes don't have any residue from the shampoo left on them.
I will then gently squeeze excess water from them, reshape them if needed and leave them to dry on a towel near an open window.  Voila, my brushes are as good as new in no time and I feel some what satisfied!

Do you have any bargain beauty secrets?

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  1. I'm currently using an Aussie shampoo to clean my brushes, but I'm close to running out. I think I will give this baby shampoo ago :)



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