Monday, 26 November 2012

My New Ombré Hair

As I have mentioned on a number of occasions, I am a huge fan of the Ombré trend.  Not just hair but clothes, nails, duvet covers.. you name it, if its ombre then I love it!

This weekend I took a massive leap of faith and got my hair ombré'd!!!  It was super scary and my lovely hairdresser did keep reminding me before hand that I would be putting bleach for the first time into my hair and that it will look fab but will ultimately leave it damaged - eek.  However I have been so bummed with my drab long heavy hair for so long now that I decided to just go for it!!

The process including a cut and blow dry took almost 4 hours!  I had a fresh brown put on the top part of my head and then 2 (maybe 3) different bleaches down the lengths to create the ombré effect.  I didn't want anything too blond or too contrasting as this can make the whole look a little trashy and "homemade" so we went for some caramel colours which sounded lovely to me!

(my camera makes it look a little more ginger than it really is!)
The end result is even better than I imagined it would be!   The ends came out a lovely toffee colour which blends really well with my naturally dark hair, and it doesn't feel half as dry as I thought it would.  I had THE best blow dry ever as well which really showed off my new layers - I really need someone to come and blow dry my hair every morning.. any takers??

I get quite bored on trains.

I had my hair done at Toni & Guy in Reading.  Give me a shout on or comment below if you want to know prices or anything else!

Will you be getting your hair ombré'd??

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  1. So pretty.
    Ombre look great on you ❤
    i just dyed my hair red, maybe next time i should try ombre!

    1. Thank you!! You should defo try it :) Its so fun! x

  2. This is gorgeous chick!
    Im in the process of getting mines done :) I normally have platinum blonde hair but uni is so busy this year, I dont have the time to get my roots done... so I thought ombre is a good plan, all the blonde with no roots lol! xox

    The Style Khaleesi

    1. Thank you!!
      How exciting!! I really love Ombre hair its sooooo cool! Can't wait to see yours :) x

  3. Gorgeous!! So glad I stumbled onto your site Lucie! I love the design, the content everything! ♥

    BTW the ombre hair suits you really well! Toni & Guy always does a great job!!

    The Misty Mom

    1. Thanks so much for your lovely comment!! I'm so pleased with my hair :)! You're blog looks great too! I love your style! I am now a follower! x

  4. Beautiful hair! This look really suits you! :-)

    Jo x amomentwithjo

  5. This is one of the prettiest ombres I've seen. It looks lovely and really suits you!
    Love your blog, just found it, now following :)
    Daniella x

    1. Thank you so much!! I am now following you too :) love the name of your blog lol x

  6. Sooo nice :D I did as well, pink. But its back to normal now :)
    We should do everything we can, while we are young and can blame everything on the fact that we are, haha

  7. sorry but please reply, I really want to do this to my hair but would like to know how much it cost, as I will be paying myself, thankyou

    1. thankyou, how much was the final price including cut x


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